On the Quest to Raise the Awareness of the Planet

Written by Sanja Stankovic

Our civilization reached the point where we are finally starting to realize we need to change our way of treating ourselves, all the living beings, people, animals, and our planet.The year 2021 was one of the most challenging years in the previous decade. People from all over the world have been affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that influenced the whole world order. And globally spread challenges require drastic measures. To change the way how we do things, we need to change the way we see the world and how each individual act has consequences on a larger scale. We need a shift in the frequency of theglobal consciousness. We need to raise awareness of the planet so we can take responsibility for our actions.

World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is a global platform dedicated to this goal, raising awareness of the planet. WCA unites visionaries including artists, influencers, and business leaders to raise the awareness of people to the highest expressions of humanity such as compassion, kindness, goodness, respect, responsibility, and righteousness. 



Everyone enjoys a good movie or having fun at the music festival, but it is time we unite for a bigger cause and raise awareness about things that matter. That is why in 2021, WCA organized several physical and online events themed with universal values like RESPECT and collected funds to support global charity initiatives.


WCA conducted workshops and presented their work at the Festival of Consciousness. Children draw their version of the perfect world and they sang Reimagine on the main stage, a WCA anthem with Jelena Fassbender (composer and singer of Reimagine); in addition, volunteers of WCA conducted an inspiring talk about the role of youth and young artists in raising the consciousness of the world.

August 2021 RESPECT 2021 (Dubrovnik, Croatia)WCA organized two days benefit festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia to celebrate and bring forth the “Culture of Respect and Solidarity” to humanity through the medium of art & music. The first day of the festival included an online auction of Balkan and world-famous artists, and the second day included several concerts at the beautiful hill beyond the Adriatic sea. These events supported charity initiatives of ACT Foundation Croatia and ACT Foundation South Africa and all collected proceeds supported children who were victims of the earthquake in Croatia and families who were victims of riots in South Africa.

August 2021 REIMAGINE THE WORLD AND DRAW IT (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Together with ACT Foundation Serbia and Mohanji Youth Club, the World Consciousness Alliance team organized a one-day event for children. 

September 2021 CELEBRATE LIFE (Pula, Croatia)

In partnership with ACT Croatia, WCA organized two days fundraising event where participants had an opportunity to enjoy a variety of programs for children and adults. Funds collected during the program supported the Association FIDO (an animal shelter) and The Istria Autism Association (UAI).


Online concert on the theme of Respect with a Macedonian pop-rock bend “Chicks”.

November 2021 GLOBAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS (Sedona)

WCA partnered with ACT Foundation USA and Nexos Comunitarios and organized a festival to support Indigenous communities in Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. 


World Consciousness Team regularly host conducted empowering talks with people from business, film, music, and other industries, who are giving back to Earth and leading by example. No matter their professional background or origin, all the speakers have in common their efforts to raise awareness of the planet and spread the highest values of humanity. Richard Barrett, Niannel, Lakshmi Goopalaswami, and Sir Phillip Wollen were just some of them.


There are lots of famous people who are using their fame and influence to give back to the EARTH. WCA creates content to spread their good deeds and call them “WCA EARTH HEROES”. You may find short films about Novak Djokovic and Leonardo Di Caprio or short stories about David Attenborough, Natalie Portman, Sting, or Angelina Jolie on WCA social media. 

WCA believes that each human being can add value to the world using their gifts, skills, and talents to make this a better world for all. They unite world-famous people who are already doing this to spread a message of the highest human value and inspire all the people of the world to do the same. If you would like to join their mission contact them via: info@wca.earth.

Visit WCA social media channels, LIKE, FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE. Spread the word and change the world. TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Website: https://wca.earth 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wcaearth/ 

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldConsciousnessAlliance/featured

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