¨It’s the end of the world as we know it.“ – says a song of the popular American band REM.

This year’s events around the COVID-19 definitely brought a tremendous change for every living being on this planet. This situation changed life for all of us! People stayed in ¨lock-down¨ while, ironically, animals ran free. Automobiles stayed in garages and trees finally started breathing. Products were left on store shelves remaining there because consumers, encouraged to stay at home, couldn’t get to the stores to shop for quite a while.

During the global lockdown, we had lots of time to reconsider who we are and what we value. It made us think about core human values and ask ourselves, “Do we take those values for granted?” Some are already speaking about the possibility of the next wave of COVID-19 while there are people who still haven’t recovered from the previous episode. In the meantime, we needed hope and inspiration; so we looked for the individuals and organizations who strive to raise the collective consciousness and to raise awareness of how to elevate humanity.

WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS ALLIANCE (WCA) is a nonprofit organization that caught our attention with their attempts to unite the world by uplifting humanity, inspiring benevolence and promoting harmony. Members of the WCA believe there can be a shift in the level of human consciousness all over the planet. They aim to transform global awareness by transforming people’s hearts, minds and souls towards living the highest of human virtues: compassion, kindness, unconditional love, purity in thought word and deed, selflessness, respecting all life forms and being thoughtful stewards of our planet Earth.

Using interesting and easy to understand the material, their postings on Social Media Platforms like their WCA Facebook page are dedicated to raising awareness of life´s important psychological, sociological and ecological aspects. For instance, Do we treat ourselves in a self-compassionate manner? Do we treat all beings with equity? Do we treat our planet as an organic part of ourselves? The WCA goal is to inspire people globally to act with kindness and compassion on both the personal and interpersonal levels and to inspire mindfulness in the way we treat Mother Earth and all beings existing on this planet. WCA believes that each human being can add value to the world using their gifts, skills and talents to make this a better world for all.

WCA members inspire people worldwide through the medium of the Performing and Visual Arts and organized events. Moreover, they also organize events to promote healthy lifestyles. One such event was the ¨Master Chefs Exhibition“ promoting ¨Conscious Cooking¨ and a non-violent eating style. This event took place in Durban, South Africa in partnership with ACT Foundation South Africa and the Global Vegan Club. You can read more about this event in one of our previous issues here.

WCA also produced the ¨Festival of the Arts For Peace¨ event, held in downtown Washington, DC.  Using the Performing Arts, the program encouraged people in the audience to move beyond their concern of self to thoughtfully consider using their gifts, skills and talents to transform the pervasive negative paradigm in our society into a positive paradigm where love, compassion and unbounded kindness prevail. WCA believes that powerful messages can be relayed through the Arts.

The program included selections by singing artists who offered songs about the plight of immigrants and our advancement in the field of race relations since the Civil Rights Movement. A powerful message of priorities was given by the Spoken Word Artist who passionately asked people to move their focus from material acquisitions to focusing on the heart and how we treat our brothers and sisters in the Family of Humanity. Uplifting music was offered by the Mosaic Harmony Interfaith/Intercultural Choir entitled,

¨I Believe in the Humanity of Humanity¨. World Consciousness Beneficent Awards were given to panelists who had given back to humanity using the medium of their respective fields of the Arts. And , of course, vegan food was served to highlight that delicious food can be prepared without the killing of any life forms.  In addition to these performing arts events, WCA also delivered food to immigrants who lost their jobs!

We contacted the president of World Consciousness Alliance, Andra Baylus to hear about WCA, first hand, and find out why this kind of movement is relevant in these times. Andra shared this insight:

“This is the perfect time for the work of World Consciousness Alliance (WCA). These times call for personal reflection and rethinking our lives, while being in the isolation caused by the pandemic crisis of 2020. People are now going within and asking important questions such as, “What truly is important in life? What is my purpose in this existence? What will the ´new normal´ be? Enter the WCA! Through ZOOM gatherings, on-line and physical concerts, WCA is pointing the way towards a better world with a more meaningful and purposeful existence. WCA is heralding a ´New Humanity´, more exquisitely aware of our personal responsibility to add value to the world with a moral imperative to be good stewards of the Earth and of all her species. It is our hope that the World Consciousness Alliance will inspire sensitivity to all life forms, and compassion and love in the hearts of all humankind. WCA will be successful if we see every man and every woman as our own brother and sister in the Family of Humanity.”

If you share these values, visit the social media platforms of the World Consciousness Alliance and join this global movement using your gifts, skills and talents to bring about a new positive paradigm ~ a ¨Renaissance of Humanity¨!


Visit WCA Website: www.wca.earth

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wcaearth/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wca_earth/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/world-consciousness-alliance/



Join us: info@wca.earth

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