In the heart of Zagreb, amidst a blend of cultural vibrancy and enthusiasm for a holistic lifestyle, the Food and Healthy Living Fair was in full swing. This event, organized by the City of Zagreb and Zagrebački Velesajam, with support from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of India, transformed into a haven for 20,000 individuals eager for new health and wellness trends.

This international hub, with 416 exhibitors from 32 countries, was a melting pot of traditions and modern wellness philosophies.

The Embassy of India’s involvement lent a unique charm to the event, highlighting India’s rich traditions. Visitors had the chance to savor the flavors of Indian cuisine and discover the therapeutic marvels of various treatments and practices, deeply rooted in ancient sciences like Yoga and Ayurveda.

During the opening, Ambassador Srivastava accentuated the Fair’s synchrony with the end of the International Year of Millets in 2023 and India’s presidency of the G20. He underscored the G20’s motto, “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” reinforcing a message of global unity and solidarity.

Embracing a Mystic Adventure

Responding to an invitation from the Mohanji Foundation Croatia, we found ourselves enveloped in a spirit of wellness innovation and spiritual kinship. The fair’s timing, coinciding with Zagreb’s enchanting Advent season, was focused on nurturing the soul and awakening the spirit.

Throughout the four-day event, attendees had the opportunity to try various techniques and experience new dimensions of self-exploration and healing on all levels – body, mind, and spirit.

At the fair, a notable contribution was made by the Mohanji Foundation Croatia, which introduced the attendees to Mai-Tri, a unique method aimed at achieving harmony and balance. This approach was explained in detailed lectures and practically demonstrated in sessions by trained Mai-Tri practitioners.

Additionally, the fair featured an innovative session on Conscious Dancing, led by Mohanji Acharya Vimala Bjelaković. This meditative dance form was not just a highlight for those participating, but it also drew the attention of onlookers and festival staff, turning it into a remarkable spectacle of movement and mindfulness.

The event was rich with diverse learning opportunities, offering over 200 hours of workshops, seminars, and presentations. One of the standout moments was the introduction of Dr. Semir Osmanagić’s book, “My Conversation with Artificial Intelligence”, coupled with his insightful lecture on world pyramids. Moreover, a workshop on raw vegan cuisine conducted by Tina More from Zelenarium provided practical insights into healthier eating habits.

On the concluding day of the fair, the Mohanji Foundation Croatia took the opportunity to release ‘Guru Lila,’ a book that compiles various experiences of those who have followed Mohanji’s teachings. They also launched ‘Empowered,’ a program specifically designed to assist individuals on their journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Reflecting on the concluding phase of the fair, we contemplated the value of initiatives that nurture personal awareness and advocate for responsible choices regarding oneself, the environment, and the community. We extend sincere appreciation to the organizers and encourage all to embrace a holistic lifestyle, recognizing our shared responsibility.

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank the Mohanji Foundation Croatia, ACT Foundation Croatia, and all volunteers for contributing to our memorable experience in Zagreb.

Thank you.

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