The great ascension of Gaia is upon us. Our Mother Gaia ascended safely into the 5th dimension and is integrating the new energies for us to follow.
Within the next 24 hrs with the appearance of the Blood Moon in the night of September 27-28, planet Earth and its sentient life shall be lifted into 5D consciousness which will start to manifest on the 28th of September 2015. Major waves of energy are coming to Earth this weekend that will be flooding all sentient beings with divine light.
Breathe and empty your mind. Walk with bare feet these next few days and connect to your Mother. The moment we have lived for has arrived. After years (7 year cycle) of preparation, growth and evolution we have arrived at point zero. Over the next number of months a great reset of negative energies will take place that will continue in 2016. You need to do nothing more but loving yourself and those around you, for our Mother has prepared everything for us to smoothly transition into the 5th dimension.
Gaia has given birth. Our Mother delivered a new world. She and her baby are in great condition and we are invited to embrace her new child of creation for we have recognized that we all are the children of her creation and we are becoming one again.
Be glad that you are reading this, it means you overcame the whole world. You are a being of light, you overcame your amnesia and you are ready to pioneer in the most exiting time of our entire universe.


Use this day for introspection and meditation. Leave your worries, expectations, doubts and judgements behind and exit the 3rd dimensional reality. Ride the wave of ascension with nothing but faith in your heart.

fifth dimensionWe have come to accomplish the task of this lifetime many times before as a preparation to ensure the victory of light on planet Earth. We are masters. We incarnated as masters and we have awakened to this truth. Many of us have accepted our life mission and purpose that we came here to facilitate a global shift of consciousness and bring forth a new paradigm. We awakened, we got informed and we shared our knowledge with the world. The result is that the shift is hitting the fan and we have accomplished the first part of our task and now we are entering the next level. The new energies available on our planet will stabilize our own individual frequency level and hence, we become THE KEEPERS OF FREQUENCY.

Live your truth. Be the truth.
Don’t talk about consciousness but let consciousness speak through you.


We are now embodying the Highest Self and we will change the frequency of others simply through being. Through being conscious we allow others who get in touch with us to access this frequency. Once light enters the body there is no stopping of the process of awakening and there is no going back. This is what light does. It enters, it integrates, it alters consciousness and it shifts the frequency of the body.

Unity consciousness is integrating on Gaia now. If you find yourself empty, blurry and even lost it is because we are transitioning to new consciousness of absolute oneness. If you see that which you identified yourself with crumbling then do not fear but rejoice. You will come out of this process reborn, finding Your Higher Self after you lose your little self. Let it go and let love flow.

new earth

Many are able to see the new world through their awakening 3rd eye. A new clarity, sharpness and even brighter colors are only the beginning of what we will be able to perceive from 5D Earth.

I want to remind you that it is not important where we will be going from here or how things are going to progress in detail. The only thing that matters is that we have made it finally Here Now. Heaven on Earth is here now, you shall be grounded in the here and now too! Just go with the flow and be in-joy at all times. Let the love in your heart guide the way. Be open, be free, love yourself and allow the divine unfolding.
5D consciousness is here now. Welcome home great beings of Gaia.

About the Author:  Aurora Ray
Author, Chef, Nutritionist, Holistic/Spiritual Ascension Guide, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

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