On Sunday, September 4, 2022, the Early Bird Club Balkans completed another 21-day guided morning routine cycle. About 15 participants from the Balkans and other parts of Europe experienced the benefits of the program for at least a few days, and the most persistent ones completed the entire cycle. 

Here are some impressions of the participants and a few words from Staša who conducted the program:

Changing old and adopting new habits is not easy. During joint meetings in this program, we encourage each other and make it easier to make ourselves take that first, most difficult step when we get up early and get out of bed. Just that one step we take in the morning is key to a better mood, success, and a greater sense of peace throughout the day. Such challenges have a positive effect on both the participants and those of us who run such programs because we also have additional motivation knowing that we are not only doing something for our own sake but also for the benefit of others.

– Staša, leader of the morning routine

When the challenge of getting up early appears before us, we ask ourselves how we will persevere in it. After a few days, we realize and feel all the wonderful positive effects that morning routine brings us. Then we start with a smile to wake up because we know what comes next. What is especially important to me is the fact that by practicing my routine at this time of the day, I get the most out of it, and I am ready to start a new day and new challenges. Conscious and stable. Happy to give me these wonderful moments!

– Alma, Sarajevo

I would like to share my experience with the 21-day morning routine program. My participation in the morning routine was a real pleasure, indeed more than expected. For some time now I have been practicing early morning kriya and then yoga ( HSTY), but this program opened up a new dimension for me – yoga starts at a specific time, so I have to finish everything by then (incentive for a sometimes very sleepy morning), breathing exercises that energize me, stabilize me, asanas are great, varied, at a perfect pace, and finally reading chapters based on the wisdom that reminds us of all that we know by dharma (duty). And most importantly, all thanks to the wonderful Staša, who selflessly led the entire program every morning with a smile, giving herself completely. I must admit that I did not expect so many changes in such a short period, but I continue according to Staša’s program, I now do each asana with ease and the day has become easy, all duties are done without stress and fatigue. Thank you Staša, and thank you to the team! I hope to meet again soon!

– Nikolina, Spain


We interviewed Petra Sol and Snežana Timotujević. 

Petra makes her jewelry, raises a vegan child, is dedicated to cooking, and runs a vegan recipe page on Instagram. In our interview with her, we discovered many useful tips.

Snežana Timotijević, a master manager in culture and media graduate, integrates the use of essential oils into her yoga practice. She follows a special morning routine. We interviewed her on the topic of a healthy lifestyle.

EBC Balkans also participated in spreading the word about the Global EBC event in which EBC Balkan’s kids had marvelous experiences. 

We launched Children’s Evening Corner where every Sunday starting from September 18, 2022, at 8 p.m. they

  • listen to the instructive story,
  • doing meditation freedom
  • get a creative task for the next week

The impressions were amazing:

“On Sunday, we hung out with children from all over the former Yugoslavia with a nice story and an encouraging and relaxing meditation that we certainly love and listen to. Thank you @klubranoranilacazadecu for encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves, to love and accept ourselves and our friends, and to enjoy life! Milan and Marina and Mama Anđelija love you”

Another heart-melting story….

Members of the Early Childhood Club for Children – Balkans in the humanitarian action of the ACT Foundation.

Milan Tanasijević (11) said:

I was with uncle Marjan and auntie Sanja and my mom in humanitarian action. I felt nice because we helped people and gave them a chance to “stand on their feet”, as my mom used to say. I like being able to help because good people also helped us, so in this way we are spreading good deeds further. Some people give money, some people give their time, everyone gives what he can”

EBC Kids proudly launched a theme song titled GALAXY OF LOVE

The song was officially launched by EBC Kids founder Mohanji, a world-renowned Humanitarian, Visionary, and Philanthropist who has envisioned a new generation of people who are rooted in Values and Ethics. These are the very people who are going to lead the world to brightness from the current chaos. Every child in the EBC Kids club is on the way to becoming a star of the future world.

This unique song is to help generations cherish positivity and hope through love and joy. Children and adults from around the world have come together to create this unique song. It has been beautifully enacted by the lovely children of EBC Kids from various countries, to express the unique motto, ‘One world one family’

The song is beautifully crafted by lyricist Mina Obradović, and sung by famous singer and composer, Bojana Fabel along with singer, arranger, and composer Josse Manuel Chemmaney at the Tiny Mighty studio in Singapore. The video is prepared by Petra Franov and the song is conceptualized by Prathibha Nair.

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