Tai Chi Principles in Daily Life

There’s a fighting game in Tai Chi called, “push hands”. It’s to learn how to read another’s energies and use it to your advantage. The goal is to break their footing (root to Mother Earth) and move them. Contact must be maintained at all times, if there’s a disconnect – game’s over.

The goal is to match energies. When person A and person B are equally balanced in force, they become one. Stay empty. One subtle movement from the one that is egoless can them move the other. The power beyond just the physical force is where’s it’s at.

Ego = force; Higher Self = Power

It takes very little energy, subtle energy is a better description of what it takes to drop another to the floor. Where the legs just go out from under them and their down without any pain. Before one realizes what happened, they are picking themselves up off the floor. You find their center and shift it.

Awareness is the secret. By overcoming the fear and blinders, we awaken to that subtle yet powerful resource. We step into what is sovereign and available.

It’s a whole new energy game. It’s doesn’t take decades to build energy from martial arts training or meditations. There’s an energy shift that is to our advantage. We are awake enough now to know, it’s about belief and trust of Yourself, Higher Self. Cultivate right mind, body, and spirit and the energy is quickened.

Awareness is the secret. Then we can get on with the business of co-creation; create other ways of seeing, inventions, solutions, assisting others across time, etc.

This is one of the most illustrative videos about the practical use and effect of the subtle energy body.

This is Lama Dondrup Dorje, this video was filmed 2004 at a workshop at the Singapore police headquarters.

Developing an awareness of this energy and cultivating it is of key importance.



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