By Murali Tangirala

To fight stage fright you must first structure your material. There should be an introduction, elaboration, and summary.

Go to the stage as if you rule the world. 

If you are tense or nervous, don’t make it obvious. Take time to drink water.

Start by saying a big thank you to the audience and clap for everyone who has come. This helps the audience to feel appreciated.

Ask a few questions as a teaser to get a response. This will connect with the audience. Again Clap.

See if everyone is seated. If anyone is standing, call him in the first row. This sits up the show. Make eye contact with everyone. This will boost your confidence.

Set rules that you will take questions in between and at the end. If the question is important, kindly oblige. Always appreciate the question.

Start with where you have come from (Your company etc), give background,  introduce yourself, and then start the topic.

Before you start, set the tone by posing a question related to the topic. For right or wrong, appreciate that person for his courage.

Move from one end to the other and make eye contact.

Pose questions to the public and tell them to raise their hands. Take their answers and give yours. 

Elaborate on your topic now. Continue with the question, and keep them engrossed. Like some little gifts for the right answer. Make it more interactive.

Towards the end, summarize and then make concluding remarks and take questions if any.

Thank the Audience for coming and listening to you.

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