By: Sweety Vyas

A king once made a proclamation,” Is there a gift or suggestion that will keep me happy when I am sad
and sad when I am happy?” Everyone was baffled at the request. Was this really possible?
Finally, a wise sage came up with an idea. He went to the king and offered him a ring. “What is this?”
asked the king. The sage replied, “It is a ring, your majesty. Please read what is written on it when you
are happy or sad.”
Sometime later, enemies attacked the kingdom. The king had to flee on his horse. His enemies kept
chasing him from a distance. Suddenly the king found himself at the edge of a sharp cliff. He looked
down and was almost tempted to jump off. But then he looked at the ring. On the ring it was engraved,
“This too shall pass.” He recalled that he was living a life of luxury just a few days ago but was now on
the run. He thought to himself that just like the good days were gone, this danger will also go away. He
was filled with calm. Instead of panicking he looked at the natural beauty around him. His enemies
gradually moved somewhere else and were nowhere to be seen.
After a few days, the king reorganized his army. He got back his empire. Now he was welcomed by
everyone in his kingdom. Grand celebrations were held. It was a jubilant time filled with singing and
dancing. Flowers were being showered on him. The king was lost in the happiness and bliss. Just then he
looked at the ring. On it was written, “This too shall pass.” The king moved past his ego and became
humble. He realized that happiness and sorrow, both are transient and come and go. From then on, the
king lived a life of wisdom and balance guiding his people.
When you look back at your life, you may be able to recall times of both joy and sorrow. Everything
passes away eventually. Joy and sorrow are like two waves of the same ocean. Accept them as part of
life and as the nature of things. Any problems you have will also pass away. We should learn to walk
through life with equanimity. The Buddha has said – “Happiness and sorrow whatever befalls you, walk
on untouched, unattached.”
The present is all that there is but it too will pass away. Let us live with awareness, wisdom and joy.

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