The September issue of the Awakening Times brings great wisdom and knowledge on Life Topics!

In this edition of The Awakening Times, learn about the German-based photographer, Wojtek Stark and his Portraits of Tribute to Humanity. Dive into self discovery and learn what it means to have a spiritual family! In this edition we learn from A to Z with the Mohanji Acharyas and find out about how to create a balance between the spiritual and business world!

You’ll find all this and much, much more in your favourite spiritual magazine.

*Cover photo by ©Wojtek Stark

Are you ready to answer the call of awakening?

Let us uplift society. Let us contribute to positive change in the world. Let us spread the word and vibration of Awakening.

Have a look at the Awakening Times September Edition!


Interview with Wojtek Stark: Tribute to Humanity

Wojtek Stark is a German-based photographer specialized in street and portrait photography with a very unique approach. Discover more about his project Portraits of Tribute to Humanity about India, his trip there and that special connection he makes with every person he photographs.

Getting to Know Your Self

Last month, we took that first and most daunting step – we challenged our inner critic and now we are slowly realizing that this voice inside of us is not our true voice. In this month article learn about three things you want to pay attention to that will bring you closer to knowing your Self.

Spirituality and Business World. Does One Exclude The Other?

When we think about the business, we associate it with numbers, strategy, profit and rationality. For the majority of people, in the business world there is no place for anything that is intangible like it is spirituality. Read this article to lear more from Sanja’s experience how to manage to bring it all together – working in a corporate world, personal life, spiritual life and volunteering for several organizations.

A to Z with Mohanji Acharyas

Embark on a learning journey with Mohanji Acharyas to discover meaningful spirituality presented through personal experiences or stories. In this month issue we bring you terms: Affirmations, Art, Acceptance, Asana, Ananda. Let us learn together!

Spiritual Family

The spiritual family is among the most precious of the many gifts one can have. This is a story about what it has meant to Hein and how valuable a thing it is, about how the Guru Consciousness is expressed within the spiritual family and how it is one of the arenas in which Mohanji works.

Lessons from the Life of an Enigma: Part Two

Desires are inevitable in as long as one is conditioned. If one desire is fulfilled, more desires arise in its wake. Thus begins one’s downfall as a result of greed. Then again, if a desire is not fulfilled, one becomes angry and embittered. Krishna teaches us that if one accepts everything in life with a spirit of dispassion, one develops equanimity, which enables heightened self-awareness.

Archaeology of the Soul,  Part 6

Read more about Vesna’s experience with spiritual master, the ways she stays connected and how the connection help her with all the challenges that come on the spiritual path.



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