Ignorance vs. freedom

Nowadays, when people hear that someone they know has a person in their lives who they call or represent as their guru or spiritual master, they at the very least flinch or get slightly scared. The reason behind such a reaction is usually fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of something new or different.

Fear of ignorance is extremely hindering and limiting for the growth and development of every being and their inner potential. That potential lives inside us and waits to be unlocked. The unlocked potential will materialize in the form of a perception of achievement in life, an immense amount of creative energy and unconditional love, as well as the feeling of compassion for other beings and everything in our environment. Ignorance is conquered by getting educated, through research and work.

Guru principle exists in every one of us

It is to be understood that guru tattva (Gu-ru: the one who dispels the darkness; Tattva: principle) exists, therefore, that it is a part of all of us, human beings (whether we believe in it or not). Guru is a principle. It is our inner guidance, our ultimate truth and knowledge. The primal knowledge from which faith is born. It exists in all of us as part of a human being, along with other aspects such as the mind, intellect, ego, inclination, physiological and biological functions, energy. That is the aspect in us that we can call the divine spark. We are all part of God, creator, creation, the universe (different terms for one and the same occurrence – the Source of our existence). “At the same time we are a drop and we are the ocean,” one great master said. Each of us is a divine creation and carries within the same divine spark. Therefore we are all equal. We all have the very same essence. If we understand that we are always connected with the Creator by nature, that we have the inner guidance that directs us and keeps our flow of life under control, it is up to us “only” to stay available to that same creator, to stay connected with the divine spark within. This is gained by unconditional faith and surending unconditionally. In that process, it is also important to dismiss and reject, primarily to have awareness of the imposed social norms and concepts based on which our intelligent system has formed the beliefs and patterns according to which it functions. To live in harmony with our distinctive nature means to be spontaneous and free, and the result is a deep inner peace and having faith in the flow of life.

When guru is actually a living person

So, our soul is our guru, our guidance, our light, always connected with the universal light of creation. However, there are people who are by no means special, who managed, within their incarnation and all that they are, to completely detach from everything that is not just light and the essence. When such a detachment occurs, only pure consciousness remains. The body also remains. But, certain aspects of personality, such as mind and ego, remain under control of supreme consciousness. When this condition becomes permanent, then we can say that this person is a living Guru. This means that his connection with the Source is constant and continual, and that he is in fact merely an instrument in the form of a human body, which channels the ultimate divine truth. Does any human being have the ability to become that? I does. Each of us has limitless potential to become a divine human being.

How to recognize a true guru?

If a human being operates from absolute consciousness, they are connected with all other masters and saints, because there is only one absolute consciousness and there is no detachment at consciousness level. You will not hear any statements about any division or negative comments from other masters, gurus, saints. True masters definitely have certain powers, which would be a source of contentment for most of our minds that urge for sensations, but a true master will never use them to manipulate or abuse. A true guru above all respects the free will of every human being. If anyone first connects, and then leaves him, he will never get angry, worried, be sad, or revengeful, because these are actions caused by emotion, and a guru does not operate on that level.

It is difficult to follow such a person, because their presence and words will do everything to release the grip of our ego and blockages. And that is painful activity. The guru will do anything for us to get rid of our emotional and energetic karmic luggage we carry on our weak shoulders through lifetimes. And that is extremely painful. On one occasion, my master said “A living master is the greatest blessing and the biggest challenge one can get. He is testing you. He will completely strip you because he will remove your ego.” The purpose of a guru’s presence in our life is to guide us to the complete liberation. He is our milestone towards a destination that resides within ourselves. To bring us back to ourselves. To the very essence and the universal truth. An instrument, always available, that keeps us on the right path, the path of light, unconditional love and compassion. We are only human beings who get stronger and tougher if they connect with someone through the dimension of materiality. That’s why a living, available masters are precious. Yet, that is not essential. Some people are deeply connected with Christ, the Mother of God, Saint Basil of Ostrog, Sai Baba, etc. although they have never had any physical encounter with them in this life. Such people have become aware of their inner guru principle, opened themselves up and surrendered to faith and guidance. Then the light found its way to reach them. It is only important to distinguish the mind-level connection from connection by the heart. People often have experiences such as dreams or visions while praying or meditating, the experiences in which various beings of light “visit” them and bring certain messages to them. How will we know if this is actually a communication with the Creator or a product of our mind? If, after such an encounter, a true change occurs within, the change that guides us to a higher level of consciousness and understanding of ourselves and the world, then that is definitely not a product of our mind.

An encounter with a true master who lives in a physical body is precious because he will always seek to energize us and remind us what powerful beings we really are.

We are all one, the consciousness is one, there are no divisions or boundaries between us and the master. The physical body is the only thing that obstructs the awareness that exists between us. If we are deeply and truly connected with the master, the guru, we remain receptive to all the blessings and answers that will occur along that path and that will make us scared or worried. When we stay open and honest in our relationship with Masters, and that relationship must stem from faith, unconditional love and the lack of expectations, then the guru will find a way within us to express himself or to send us an answer to a question that blocks and worries us, through any shape or form. Through a person, the nature, animals, dreams. The guru will find a way to express himself. We must be open to receive the message.

The guru will find us

Therefore, if you have had a chance in this lifetime to meet a living master, a guru, wilfully embrace them as your spiritual teacher, because that is what your soul has certainly deserved in past lifetimes owing to your various good deeds and refinement, through the connection with God. Be grateful, be aware of the moment when your two souls met again, and remain immensely grateful for this true blessing.



Author: Dejana Vojnović – graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade she has been working as a foreign language teacher for ten years. She completed her psychology training in transactional analysis and at the same time became interested in a more in-depth spiritual search, which continues today. Using her own acquired knowledge and what she has experienced, she has been working as a consultant for several years.

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