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It is with great pleasure that we present the November 2022 edition of The Awakening Times Magazine.

This edition has gentle Moroccan touch along with all the usual timeless wisdom which we endeavour to bring you each month.

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Interview with Simohamed Bouhakkaoui

This year saw the fourth edition of VegFest Morocco, a festival that celebrates and promotes veganism and the vegan lifestyle, we talked with Simohamed Bouhakkaoui, the Founder of Vegfest Morocco, to learn more about this initiative that, in a short span, became one of the largest vegan gatherings in Africa.

Amazing Sahara

Our travel writer Boris Perišić travelled through the Sahara and shared his experiences in the Amazing Sahara article

Mohanji Foundation Meets Moroccan Veganism

This year Mohanji Foundation was one of the eco partners of VegFest Morocco, the largest festival in Africa that promotes veganism. We spoke with Tea Klincov, Mohanji Acharya, and the ahimsa lifestyle advocate about the festival, workshops, and overall impressions.

Cultivating Humility

Those who have uplifted the world with their lives and presence share a common attribute: humility, also an indispensable prerequisite for any kind of spiritual evolution. Using the examples of scripture and prominent historical figures, Sweety Vyas demonstrates.

Living in Gratitude

Read about how gratitude enhances every aspect of our lives and how it is a practice, a way of living and operating in the world.

About the Mind – Part 02

Which comes first, the emotion or the thought? Pelka Evdenić Kuzelka continues to reflect on and plumb the innermost depths, in the second part of an ongoing exploration of the workings of the mind.

The Matrix of Healing

Siddha Vasi practitioner Stephen Grissom shares an experience of the beauty of not knowing and in accepting that, being open to learn and see more  in a patient and the healing arts.

Awakening through Yoga

The heart of Yoga is its subtlety. Experience has Yogini Gonika that where one places one’s attention and focus during yogic practice drastically alters its effects and potency.

Stasa’s Reminder – Part 06 – Ajna Chakra

In the sixth part of Staša’s reminder, you can learn how to strengthen your intuition and become wise. The focus should be on improving the Third Eye Chakra through which we can tap into the inner world of deep wisdom, visions, and beauty.


Problem – Solution. When glancing at the words, where do your eyes focus? Where does your attention dwell, on the word ‘problem’ or does it tend to fixate on the word ‘solution’? Read about how this makes all the difference.

The Untold Story of Baba’s Boy – Part 02

This is the second part of our conversation with Dirk. In which we once again visit with Mohanji and with Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, we hear the tale of a divine talisman and what true devotion to Guru and to service really means. We also get some insights into the path Dirk has walked and his advice for earnest aspirants on any spiritual path.

What is Ergonomics?

Making people healthier and more productive is at the heart of ergonomics.
Our Murali Tingarala shares misconceptions about this relatively new branch of science and explain how we can benefit from it.

Everyone has a Unique Light to Share

The Early Birds Club Balkans continues to inspire us to rise early and live each day with positive purpose.

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