LIBERATION is the tradition.

LIBERATION is the truth.

LIBERATION is the life, breath and heartbeat.

LIBERATION is in life as much as in death.


Man comes to earth empty handed with a baggage of karma laid out over time and a character cum constitution to express it, experience it and exhaust it. This is our existence. Nothing less, nothing more. The money called Karma that provoked life gets exhausted with time. Every moment provides an experience, an opportunity and also a completion.

While going through the manifestation of karma at a particular time, if we experience it with a clear attitude of detachment, we are one with the tradition of liberation. Yes, it is happening! It must happen! There is a cause for every effect. Cause is Karma. Effect is its manifested experience. Man must move on like water on lotus leaf, totally unattached, but totally present.

We cannot run away from life and we should not. We cannot speed up or slow down life. We cannot end it half way. Then, what can we do? We can repeat it. We can multiply it. We can do these easily through unacceptance of everyday life and its events. ACCEPTANCE is fundamental to LIBERATION. When we accept every moment, good or bad; when we accept life as it comes, then it comes, manifests and dissolves. If we do not accept and coat it with tons of emotions, it becomes another ingredient for the next set of karma and the next incarnation. Lack of acceptance or resistance is the root cause of uncontrolled incarnations. The seed of karma is desire. The seed of desire is impression. When impressions exist in our causal layer in the form of seeds, the potential for a complete tree is possible.

A tree with its own character, constitution and duration. We call this LIFE. So every impression or residue of our everyday life has the power to create a destiny. Impressions could lead to desire. Unfulfilled desires could lead to incarnations. Incarnations are bound by nature. Bound by Karma. Karma controls incarnations. Nothing over a life time happens beyond the boundaries of the prescribed karma for that incarnation. Period. So, we know how bound we are. Liberation is the exact opposite of binding. Great masters found the recipe for it. Existence of non-attachment. Be here, but be detached. Be involved in everything but be bound by nothing.

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LIBERATION is the nature of the soul.

It takes various incarnations through various bodies. Yet it remains neutral, unattached and disconnected from all incarnations. It always remains totally empty and free. It has nothing to do with any incarnation. All bodies are temporary rented houses for the soul, for the simple sake of living and experiencing some pending desires which came in the mould of karma. Soul lives just like petrol of the car, not bothered or interested in any destination, but completely connected to the journey.

When a man gets connected to the temporary, visible operating tools, he is under the spell of illusion or MAYA. When he connects himself to his body, he is bound by the desires of body. When he connects himself deeply to the mind, he is bound and deluded by the emotions of life which keeps cropping up from everything around him. When he connects himself to his intellect which is more refined than the general, operating conscious mind, he feels elevated, better off in the sundry world of multiple expressions and knowledge. He may excel in some knowledge and through analysis create a world of his own too. The world may call him a genius and successful.

But, he is still disconnected from the truth. A few who transcend the intellect and touch the realms of the soul or the electricity that operates all these faculties, come in contact with the aspect of liberation.

LIBERATION is the state of SOUL. SOUL is the SHIVA of every being.

Totally liberated, totally peaceful, totally unattached and totally blissful! When we keep connecting to the electricity that runs these machines that help this manifestation called us, we start experiencing its state of detachment while in action. The more we identify with it, the more we become detached from the obvious, manifested world. The more we detach from the manifested world, the more we disconnect from the gross and start appreciating the subtle aspects of our existence. The unseen subtle, the thread that unites the universe becomes the umbilical cord of our existence. We call it the Mother.

Our tradition begins with the mother. The mother of all mothers! The mother of creation!

mohanji cleansingSince the mother has no form, she has no gender either. Then why do we call her mother? Because her function is creation. A mother becomes a mother only with creation. The mother that is formless yet exists in all forms. The mother manifested in the form of a dot, Bindu, which triggered the idea of creation, the land and purpose, the duration and variety. Everything began from this spherical dot and everything will eventually merge with the spherical dot. The dots expanded to become the whole universe. The whole universe was filled with various layers of subtlety.

The whole creation was based on duality. The whole manifestation as well as experience was based on relativity. The reason is experience. The method is like waves. Waves of time, waves of events, waves of destiny, waves of dissolution, everything happens simultaneously for the sake of experiencing the power within.


The primal power and motion behind every creation has been THE WILL, THE KNOWLEDGE, and THE ABILITY. The result is the universe.

The tradition flows out of the mother. The mother manifested as the trinity, to emphasis three aspects of existence – THE BEGINNING – THE MANIFESTATION – and THE DISSOLUTION. The birth, life and death. These aspects are the fundamentals of each incarnation, irrespective of the location of existence in the universe. The tradition is rooted in these aspects as well.


There is no agenda. There is only flow. Accept life, and flow with it. Solid is ego, liquid is flexibility, humility and surrender. Being fluid is our lifestyle. Flowing with the winds of change, not gathering residue, unhooking from the emotions of everyday existence, bathing our inside through the power of purity, we keep flowing. The future has no relevance without the present.

The TRADITION is being in the PRESENT.

Being 100% here and now is the tradition. Being available to yourself and being kind to yourself and to all the beings around you. Being able to experience the bundles of karma that manifest at each moment in time without prejudices, makes us complete. This helps our liberation.

Tradition of NON VIOLENCE.

Tradition is a lifestyle. It is rooted in non-violence. AHIMSA. AHIMSA is a lifestyle. Hurting any being through thoughts, words or action detaches us from the creator whose sole aim is creation of sundry beauty in this universe. Violence is against creation and anything against creation wreaks pain and anarchy. Our tradition strictly adheres to the well being of all beings of the universe. We take extra efforts and pain to ensure that.

The Seekers of the tradition are aplenty, both knowingly and unknowingly. When the sole aim is liberation, they walk the path of NATH. Nath tradition has only one aim, LIBERATION. It’s root exists in every day karma to a baggage free exit at the time of death. All those who have understood existence in its dimensions, and consciously choose the path of liberation spontaneously gets initiated into the Nath path. There is no further initiation. NATH has nothing to prove. This is an internal thing.

The awareness is maintained in its equilibrium every waking moment and a nath seeker surrenders all his thoughts, words and actions to the huge cauldron of existence as his offering every moment. Thus, when every moment and every activity is surrendered, it’s results also gets surrendered. Thus the seeker gets relieved from both the action and the result because there is no mind or ownership connected with it. When things happen through us, and we have nothing to do with it, we attain the state of the soul. We stay liberated.

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MASTERS of the TRADITION are many.

Every master who walked the earth in an absolutely liberated existence is a NATH Master. Starting from LORD SHIVA, the Supreme Yogi GOD, through numerous manifested, unmanifested and will be manifested for a reason, are all promises of the tradition of LIBERATION. Their key teaching is their own life. Masters just existed in silence and disciples got elevated. This happens only with our tradition.

Record of a conversation

Question: “How did you attain the enlightenment so early, so quickly?”


I served the master. Day and night I stayed looking at the master. He never looked at me so much. I sat on the ground and stared as the master went ahead with his work. My mind was restless. And I saw the master restless and often irritant too. I still kept doing the same practice. Master asked me nothing. I asked the master nothing. Slowly, I started feeling some emptiness inside me. Some things were leaving me. What left me was my restlessness. Mind started to settle down. When I looked at the master, he also seemed pretty relaxed and settled down. No restlessness manifested in him. I continued. My inner silence became deeper and deeper. A kind of ecstasy started occupying the space. When I looked at the master, I found him ecstatic with uncontrollable joy.

When I asked a man sitting next to me why the master is so happy, he asked me “Do you see happiness? I see anger and restlessness”. I decided to follow my own awareness which was the best thing to do. We must be true to ourselves. We must trust our own experience. Ever since, I asked no opinions about my guru to anybody. My inner silence made me immobile. I started sitting at the same place in deep silence with the absence of mind from morning till evening and even through night sometimes. I never bothered about food or water.

Often, they became a hindrance to my state of beingness. I understood that I have no other realms to conquer. I have attained the highest everest of consciousness. I waited for Guru’s command. He never looked at me. He still played his role as always and different people saw his different flavours and thought they knew him. He played this illusion and existed as long as it takes. I felt complete. I asked nothing from my Guru. I never even asked him if he is my Guru. I just watched, watched and watched. I realised I am watching myself when I am watching him. He is my SELF. He is my soul manifested in another form. I understood the core of existence. I understood that I have no existence apart from the universe. “I” died.

Master called me one morning. He put his hand on my head and said “I have emptied you. You have become me. Now go into the world and be a beacon of light unto the darkness of ignorance. Be like a tree that give shade to the wood cutter and nursing mother alike. You have no separation from me. We are essentially one. I gave you emptiness, which made you complete. Now I give you freedom. Be free.

This sums up the unconditional teaching of our tradition. The tradition of love. Every attainment has a minimum requirement – Emptiness. When our minds are full, we cannot absorb anything. When our minds are empty, we can absorb the whole universe. The tradition is all about this emptiness where every personality traits dissolve into sheer purpose. The purpose is liberation while living and while leaving.
The religions of the world are road maps. They have been created based on the teachings of saints or avatars who have appeared to redeem mankind from the veils of ignorance to the path of liberation.

Religions were formed based on the interpretations of teachings of various masters who walked and talked liberation. The key teaching of every religion is unconditional love. It is the basic ingredient for liberation. Liberation is a mind thing. When man is peaceful, society is peaceful. When society is peaceful the world is peaceful. In the midst of peace, godliness flourishes.

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Spirituality is beyond religions. When you know the road, you do not need road maps. When man is ready for the beyond, he needs no guidance. His soul guides him. All religions guide people to connect with their own soul and through that path to God. Nath tradition is not a religion. The tradition is what you are. That is why each Nath master is unique and totally free from any kind of protocols or rigid restrictions. They just flow as the river flows through terrains of known and unknown. They never cared who used them or abused them. They always shone like the bright sun which nourished every corner of earth without prejudice.

Tradition is YOU. And you are the TRADITION.


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