Sometimes we receive guidance and wisdom from the most unlikely circumstances. Spirits always know how to get their messages across in a way that we are most likely to understand them. We always have help; true guidance that will never lead us the wrong way. All we must do is trust our higher selves because we are always connected to divinity. For many, this is a part of themselves that has been tucked away deep in their subconscious minds; knowing that it is there but never acknowledging the guidance that it offers. Our connection to a higher power is our birthright. However, society has programmed us to turn away from it. Leaving many of us afraid to share any spiritual experiences we may have had.

My experience was one that I needed tonight. For the longest time, I have felt that I am on the brink of becoming the full person that I was meant to be, mind, body, and spirit. However, for some reason, I feel that I am still unable to make that final leap of faith. To trust the gifts that God has given me completely, I am still questioning myself. Part of me is still very much afraid to share myself 100% with people. Many spiritual experiences are more intense and complex than I share. All I want to do is share my truth with the world, with no restrictions or fear. Deep down inside I know that I am blocking myself from becoming who I was meant to be.

As I comfortably drifted off into a deep state of meditation, I was somewhere new and magical. I was standing on the top of a huge canyon with a deep ravine. The sun was shining so bright that, everything around me was glowing in shades of gold and yellow. There was a cool breeze in the air that felt refreshing under the heat of the sun. Everything was gold, the rocks, grass and even the dirt. Usually, I would be afraid of heights but here I am not. I walked along the edge of the canyon, so close to the edge that I can make out minor details from the ground below me. A funny thought comes to mind, “Why does this scare me in reality?”

I continue to walk around a curve in the canyon and I am taken by surprise to see a huge lion sitting on the edge looking downward. He has a grin on his face as he looks up and nudges his head for me to come towards him. Once again, I have no fear of this beautiful animal in front of me and the thought comes to mind again, “Why would I ever fear him in reality?”

As I approach him, he picks up his paw and pats the ground, directing me to sit down next to him. Immediately, I sit down next to him and feel an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. It is as if I have known him my entire life. I feel safe and comfortable sitting on the edge of a canyon looking down into a ravine with a lion. His fur looks like strands of pure gold underneath the sunlight and with every move he makes, he glimmers like a thousand stars. He turns to make direct eye contact with me, and his eyes look like diamonds. He is majestic and powerful, yet peaceful and soulful. Without speaking words out loud he has the ability to talk to me, heart to heart and soul to soul. Where we are, words never need to spoke to communicate. We are communicating with the purest emotions.

“From my perspective, would you like to know what fear looks like?”

“Yes!” I am full of curiosity, what is he going to show me?

“Fear is an invisible intelligence that never discriminates.”

I take a few minutes to let the words sink in. I was not sure about the point he was trying to make. Everyone has fears in their lives. We all worry about our children, our jobs, our bills, the list is endless. “Yes Sir, we all have fears.”

“It is completely unnecessary and foolish to live a life based on fears. Fear is the root of all negative emotions. Fear is the root of all evil. Fear is at the root of all hate, war and devastation that happens in your world.”

He spoke stern yet concerned. The words he was speaking made sense to me at the time. Past moments of fear began to scan through my mind. Moments that I had stressed myself out for no good reason at all, other than the fear that something bad may happen. I could physically feel how badly the emotions of fear felt to my body. It was an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, my hands began to tremble, and my temples started pounding against my skull. “I don’t like this at all!”

“Look, I want you to see what I see in fear. They will be coming any minute now.”

We both had our eyes fixated down into the ravine when a herd of humans began to walk around the corner. I use the word herd because that is what they look like from our view. They all had their heads facing down and they were dragging their feet in the dirt. They were also surrounded by black and grey clouds. All they had to do is look up to see the beauty of the sun and the landscape, but they chose to shuffle their feet and look at the dirt instead. They reminded me of mindless zombies. They did not look alive from our point of view at all. They are all shells of people that look so depressing and sad. “Why are they doing that? Why can’t you help them?”

“We try to help all of you, all of the time. Sadly, too many of you are afraid to accept help from us.”

“Why would anyone be afraid of you!” I raised my voice as I was speaking to this beautiful animal. His presence alone was so calming and soothing that I could never imagine anyone possibly being afraid of him. At that moment, I felt ashamed of myself for raising my voice at him, and for being a human that has lived a life based on fear. I turned to him and he put his paw around me pulling me towards him for a comforting hug.

“We need your help to teach people that the only way to truly live a meaningful life is to live a life without fear.”

How will I ever be able to do that? I so desperately want to make the lion proud of me and I was willing to do whatever he asked of me. Part of me knew that I must look like one of those mindless people walking below us.

“All you have to do is live by example. People will see you living your life free from fear and they will want the same freedom that you have obtained. It will have a ripple effect. Forever person that you help, they will help someone else in return.”

He made it sound so simple. All I must do is live my life as fearless as possible and share my absolute truths without any fear of the consequences. Can it really be that simple? Are we all overthinking every moment of our lives? When we worry, are we just making up problems that have not even occurred yet?

“Now, let me show you what a person looks like from my perspective that lives a life free of fear.”

The heard of dark and gloomy humans slowly passed and behind them was a bright, white light. The light from below in the ravine was brighter than the sun above us, yet I was able to look directly at it. As it came closer, I could make out a small woman. She was dressed humbly and had long black hair. She looked like she was from India. Her soul was shining brighter than anything I had ever seen before. Her light alone was enough to brighten up the entire canyon.

“Do you see now why it is so important to live without fear? Your light will be bright enough for even the Heavens to see, so what do you think it will be able to do for humanity? Be fearless in all that you do from now on. Never let fear hold you back from what you are meant to become.”

My eyes had not left the sight below me the entire time the lion was speaking to me. Suddenly, his soft fur and strong body changed to a new figure. I slowly turned my head to see whose arm was around me and it was my son.

“Don’t be afraid anymore, mom. You have especially important work to do and we are all here for you.”

This is where my vision ended and I opened my eyes, tears rolled down my face. I was filled with joy.

My son always knows how to reach me about the biggest lessons in life, in a way that I can understand and share with others. How many opportunities have we given up on due to fear? How many dreams have we not pursued because of fear? We are only here for a short time and tomorrow is never promised; so, lets live our lives as fearless as possible. There were many things that I wanted to share with people, but I was afraid of what their reaction may have been. So many goals that I put on the back burner because I was afraid of failure. We must live our lives as fearless as possible, with no regrets. I will no longer be afraid, and I thank you once again Mario, my lion in the sky.





Author: Jacqueline Davieau is the Bestselling author of, Inspiration from Above and Remembering Heaven.  She is currently working on her third book, Walking in Heaven. She prides herself in helping people on a spiritual level. 

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