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Baba’s Boy on Divine Encounters – Part 02

Dirk van de Wijngaard, affectionately known as Baba’s Boy, a rescuer of lost children and the most sincere and devoted seeker one could ever hope to encounter, gives us a glimpse into his most precious and treasured experiences. Continuing on from the first part of a new series, “Divine Encounters”, published in last month’s edition of The Awakening Times, he tells the rest of the extraordinary tale of his latest trip to India, in which miracles and grace are showered upon him in a divinely arranged, whirlwind tour lasting only 17 days.

Unapologetically yourself- Interview with Jack Barratt

Jack H. Barratt is a writer and speaker whose work focuses primarily on expounding the truths of universal, non-denominational, natural spirituality. This mode of spirituality is most directly communicated and transmitted within the sphere of the Dattatreya-Avadhūta Tradition to which Jack belongs.

Mohanji’s Musings – Guru Pūrṇimā

Review of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

As I knew Him-excerpt from Mina Obradović’s book

Spiritual Dimension of Childbirth excerpt from the book “Home for a Refugee” by Devi Mohan

Failure and Imagination

Prāṇa Pratiṣṭhā at the Mohanji Centre of Peace

Stasa’s Reminder – Yoga for Stronger Knees

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