Written by: Pelka Evdenic Kuzelka

I was largely thinking about what I should write, or how, or for whom… Then, the answers came on their own, as the waves in a calm, sunset bathed sea… write about volunteering… keep it simple… you do not have to convince anyone about anything… be authentic sharing your point of view, just that easy….

Volunteering. The dictionary meaning about volunteers is that they are individuals who freely offer their time, labour, and expertise. It is true as a definition’s skeleton, although there is missing a large and beautiful spectrum of small lights and shadows that make volunteering the most fulfilled way of living this three-dimensional experience called life.

Each of us is extremely valuable in the way we have chosen to go through this experience. The moment we recognise this beauty of our existence and begin to value it in its true weight is the life changing moment, forever. We all are unique, and we all are just part of the Whole. We all are connected, and we are enough the way we are, we do not have to show no one that we are better, we can just Be the way we are. Therefore, whatever we did for some other living being, as feeding birds for example, we are getting their beautiful energy and gratitude even if we are not aware of it. It is absolutely stunning how our vibration increase by doing it daily. We are hugely improving our life by such a small change.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if everything you make would be voluntary, without expecting anything in return? Imagine bathing yourself in this unconditional love that you bring to everything you do? and the lovely paradox that the first beneficiary will, always, be you?

In this point, I started writing about frequencies, vibrations, focus and quantum physic explanation and I realised that, as true as it may seem to me, it was no longer serving the purpose of keeping it simple.

Volunteering is about flowing in Here and Now. Each one of us is just a drop in this Whole of all existing and expanding matter, energy, and space. We have no other power except our free will. This is our most appreciate gift and our ticket to gratified life experience. Do not waste it because you are limiting yourself experience of freedom, goodness, love, and acceptance. Do not give someone else the power of taking decision about your life. Do not blame on someone else because of your unfulfilled life. You are free to choose, and you are, indeed, always choosing for yourself. Became aware of this existential law and follow your inner guide, improving life of all living beings meeting you on the way through this dimension.

And please do not just read me, do not just agree with me, and do not just forget me immediately. Find out by yourself this beautiful power hidden in you, discover it, feel it, and share your experiences if you wish so. Thank you for reading me and if you like it, the next month you can read about what was mine foundation stone in becoming volunteer.

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