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2022 saw The Awakening Times reach a far wider audience. New people have joined our team and are contributing their time and passion and our sincere thanks go to them. We’ve been in touch with some truly inspiring people in 2022, people whom we consider to be heroes of compassion wisdom, service and creativity. Herewith we present a short-list of 2022’s greatest hits and we hope you enjoy. Here’s looking forward to another year of telling beautiful stories and another year of walking together in our exploration of our highest possibilities. Happy new year!

Mohanji on 10 Years as a Global Citizen

We often wonder if humanity is going in the right direction and ask what we need to do to make a shift in the collective consciousness happen? In this interview, Mohanji, a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher answers burning questions.

The Untold Story of Baba’s Boy

No encounter happens by chance, each one changes us, and at least for a bit, awakens something better in us. But this one moved us from our roots! We are honored to bring you The Untold Story of Baba’s Boy – an incredible and touching interview with a man who, despite a brutal and broken childhood, alcoholism, betrayals, and diseases, instead of giving up on life, managed to find a way into a world of selfless service

The Untold Story of Baba’s Boy – Part 02

This is the second part of our conversation with Dirk. In which we once again visit with Mohanji and with Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, we hear the tale of a divine talisman and what true devotion to Guru and to service really means. We also get some insights into the path Dirk has walked and his advice for earnest aspirants on any spiritual path.

Ethos, Experience & Paradox in Tai Chi

According to the Masters of this art, there are keys to unlocking the circle of Yin and Yang: intention, attention, sensitivity, relaxation, and awareness. It seems that one leads to another, creating an infinite circle. 

ACT4Ukraine – A Tale of Compassionate Intervention – Part 1

An Interview with Santosh Govindaraju (USA) wherein he shares his experiences and thoughts on service , dharmic government and the many levels on which help is needed when crisis strikes.


Diseases don’t fall from the sky, we create them

Humanity at Peril – A Photographic Tale of Refugees & Migrants

Zoran explores human life and spirituality through his unique style and regularly exhibits his works on various topics. His style of strong contrasts and large grain give his photographs a timeless feel and stark look, and it leaves the viewer with plenty to contemplate on. National Geographic has published a number of his photographs.

A Peek into Akka Mahadevi’s Life and Works

The Himalayan School of Traditional Dance shares the story of Akka Mahadevi, expressed in poetry and dance, whose extraordinary devotion to and intoxication with divinity, is as stirring today as it ever was, even a thousand years after her time.

Saint Mirabai

Story of devotion.

Ignorance and the Question of Evil

Philosophical musings on ignorance as a root of all suffering.

A Different Perspective on Healing and Masculinity

Tim Clancy, known affectionately as “The Bosnian Guy”, has lived and breathed the Balkan landscape and culture for the last 30 years. Public speaker, writer, eco-tourism pioneer, humanitarian, and father are a few among the many hats he wears. The Awakening Times had the opportunity to reach into the Croatian country solitude in which he is currently ensconced, and tempt him from the books he is currently hard at work on writing, to pick his brain about a few things.

Stasa’s reminder for High Blood-Pressure

The first in a new series of articles addressing specific ailments as seen and treated through the yogic lens.

Positive Resolutions

Happy New Year. 

Thoughts on a wise monk’s pearls of wisdom that sum up a yogi’s philosophy and are in accord with Pelka’s resolutions for this year and life: SMILE – Life lived with joy fills both, the heart of the owner and all those around him. A genuine smile is a window to a joyful heart, full of love, sunshine and compassion. 

A Few Simple Vegan Recipes & Tips

Considering experimenting with plant based food? It’s easier than you may think. Here are some recipes and some advice on keeping a healthy menu.

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