Written by Višnja Ćirić

The word guru, is a Sanskrit word that signifies one who chases away the darkness. Often such a person is needed to help chase away fears, doubts, insecurities and ignorance. 

To be the guiding light of thought, speech and right action. When we look at the world around us, it does seem all so confusing and most of the time we don’t have the time or sufficient concentration to make sense of it. Therefore we seek answers from others who offer some sense in what seems like chaotic nonsense.

There are many traditional schools of thought, different philosophies and religions offering a perspective on life. While they all have points of view on reality, deep down in our hearts, we all know that it is unfathomable for us to see who we are on a larger scale, just as the cell in a body cannot imagine that it is part of larger organism, that is also part of a bigger one and so on infinitely bigger. Yet we know that that tiny cell of our body is also a whole planet for even smaller parts that make up the cell, and the tiny part of the cell is a universe of smaller parts that make it, and so on infinitely smaller. And every particle that exists is at the same time- a part and the whole. 

Therefore, we all know the Whole, it is our being. All we need to do is relax from the unceasing noise of chatter, tv, internet, and other ‘helpful’ entertainment and let the Whole guide us through our heart. Trust yourself, trust your being, and let it choose its own path, no matter how far away from the ‘normal’ or ‘moral’ it may be. Those are all fabrications, anyway. The only moral principle and only normal one is the empathic principle of ahimsa, non-harming of others and of

 yourself. That is the only condition we have as self-responsible beings on this planet/universe. Not to hurt others by thought, speech and deed and not to hurt yourself either (vanity doesn’t count, feel free to hurt vanity that is the way to grow). 

Everything else is allowed. 

The culture is the one imposing further limitations on thinking and behavior of a person, that most of the time people feel trapped and don’t know who they are. That is because they were never given space to discover themselves. They were always taught who they are by others, that they never discovered for themselves who they are. Not to mention that we were so humiliated as children that we never think possible to discover who we are by ourselves, or that we could

 be Wholeness itself. Maybe it is time to start over with ourselves, we could use a better relationship with ourselves. Treat yourself with care and allow yourself to enjoy life and not feel guilty or bad about it (if you are not hurting anyone). Let our hearts drive us to discover all

 possibilities of who we can be. Most of the time we have adapted a persona that best fits the societal mold, but that is not who we are, maybe it’s time to break the shell? I am sure it seems terrifying at first glance, but it is actually fun because you feel freed and full again. Let the wholeness of your being guide you and be your inner darkness dispeller (guru). Don’t be afraid to go against the current, against the culture, they are just concepts and are not alive- do be

 careful not to hurt a living creature on this planet or yourself, but make sure you enjoy life that is the only way to self-discovery (atma-ananda).

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