This month we celebrate world renowned humanitarian, philanthropist, spiritual teacher, and universal friend, Mohanji. February 23rd marks his birthday, and as is our tradition here at The Awakening Times, February is dedicated him. See the celebration video and satsang here:

Mohanji reflects, in his typically lucid and humble way, on the experiences, lessons, obstacles and accomplishments of a decade of dedicated selfless service.

An inspiring account of an ongoing exploration of non-violence and its expression as a vegan lifestyle.

Mai-Tri healing is a powerful and often deeply revelatory method of healing which has been given to the world by Mohanji. Mai-Tri healer Tatyana shares such an insight on parenting.

Stephen Grissom, trained as contemporary representative of the ancient tradition of Siddha Healing, and author of Rivulets of the Absolute, shares a profound perspective on health.

This month’s long over due book review is “The Power of Purity: Essential Essays and Answers about Spiritual Paths and Liberation”. The first published collection of Mohanji’s teachings.

The World Consciousness Alliance, one of many platforms founded by Mohanji, expresses compassion and kindness, as the highest of human virtues, through the performing arts. Read about some of their recent activities.

Yogini Gonika gives simple, yet insightful advice on yoga practice.

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