This book is an attempt to bring together spiritual stories for the reader on the path of awakening; to stir a soul search, an awareness of the elements, to instil values and to lay bare the truth of life and death; as perceived, in this concise volume.

Some of the stories are direct experiences; some were pictured in imagination, some are metaphorical while others are symbolic. Each story has a message, which Ifelt was a precious insight from the Universe around and must be shared with all.

Each of the stories was written and rewritten several times, as new perspectives kept developing while I meditated on their contents. The stories are ever fluid, and may be they develop newer perspectives even after they go out in print.

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About author:

Jyoti Prateek is a freelance author who contributes to several internet forums and magazines. She regularly writes for The Awakening Times Magazine, contributing through stories, articles and interviews. Her other publications include, Song of the Being, an anthology of sacred poetry.
Coming from a Science background and having an inclination towards the occult, she has taken a research like attitude that dives deep into the mysteries of life and metaphysical subjects, and thereby presenting the concepts in a lucid and easily understandable way to the readers.


Book review:

I was soared and taken away into lands of mysticism and wisdom, where elements were speaking to my soul. Miraculous landscapes, unassuming saints and ancient temples were filling my mind with long forgotten wisdom. I felt as if enlightened Masters talked to me as I was a child and they were my parents.

“Is it possible that all these words were written by a modest and humble lady from a different side of the world?” I questioned myself. How old this soul must be when she pours such a great wisdom with so much grace and humility?

I surrendered to her voice and words and allowed myself to be taken into heights and depths of eternal Truth. Blessed is the being that spread so much light unto this world. Blessed are all those who have the chance to be illuminated by it.
Keep shining, you beautiful Soul, whoever touches your words and stories, will be changed forever.

Milan Bojic,
Editor in chief, The Awakening Times magazine


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Editorial Team

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