“Ultimately there are no obstacles anywhere, except in ourselves and everything is meant for that perfection.” P.197, ~ Mother, Satprem

The kind of kundalini awakening we have is specific to the way we have built ourselves. The scrapes and bruises life offers are beneficial also; all is fuel for the flames. We complicate matters due to our misunderstanding about kundalini and the religious superstition that has been lumped on the process over the centuries. Thus it’s up to people that have initiated kundalini to share their experience with others, in order to reduce the ignorance. While kundalini is active we ignite those around us simply with our presence with a power that works directly from body to body, heart to heart–like a contagion.
Kundalini awakenings are peak times for visions, the muse, depth-feeling, insights etc…which can all translate to art, music, science or some form of creativity. I think any genius is riding on this kundalini current and is inflamed with the muse, God intoxicated, art-intoxicated. Enormous energies “could” be harvested. However the way most of us are such neophytes at handling the energy, it normally fires us up into a 6 month peak that takes over 3 years to come down, after which there are many years of recovery and disillusionment, and loss of muse and psychic abilities. Five years after my awakening my psychic level has dropped off to a less potent level than it was before.

This is probably due to the extremity of the chemistry and the fact that I didn’t know to take massive doses of antioxidants at the time. I assume that with my supplement program, adventure and some “fun” I might be able to get my full psychic level back again. Full pituitary potency is essential to a sense of soul and experience of the psychic domain, thus the synergy of relationships help to prevent burn-out.The hot burn cycle is not to be recommended for most artists, even if it does take us to the heights and depths of ourselves, because it actually wastes the message and vision–for the nervous system can become incapable of actually performing the art, patience can leave one, precision destroyed, coordination crapped out. I for example was a better painter prior to my awakening; abilities will return with rehabilitation and time however.

A “hot-burn” is when we go through a catastrophic full-on awakening. You can tell if someone is in a hot-burn by the extremity of their symptoms, and the duration of the awakening itself. Usually for the 6 month peak we are in such an altered state that holding down a job in which left-brain function is required is not possible. I got by through massaging people, which is a healthy thing to do while in the peak, and clients get to have massage heart expansions right there on the table through state resonance.

awakeningResearch may discover that a large % of hot-burners were abused or traumatized in childhood, making their nervous system more vulnerable to tipping into this kind of explosive awakening. The body is literally throwing off tension, detoxifying and reforming itself in a way that somewhat eliminates the original trauma. Thus the hot-burn, though traumatic in itself, is one of the very best ways for the phoenix of soul to rise from the ashes of the past. After recovery from the awakening itself ones art could deepen in profound ways as we become liberated from our energy wasting pain-body.

There are many reasons why I had a hot-burn peak in 2000…unresolved childhood trauma, isolation, a diet too high in fruit, tension buildup through lack of sex and exercise, insufficient maturation of the nervous system by not having a subtle energy practice and the fact that I was primed for the massive peak by a previous awakening in 1988. The trigger this time however was not my father’s death and unresolved family issues, but devotion to Mr. Universal.

My 1988 awakening although extreme also did not incapacitate me quite as much so some of my best paintings come from that time. The 2000 awakening could have been equally as productive painting wise if I had thrown myself into the visual arts, with a profound teacher to help keep me on track.

We need to be so knowledgable about Kundalini that we can ride its power without frying our circuits and burning out. The methods we often use to try and “control” it tend to be very damaging such as eating heavy food, lack of exercise, increased sex, tranquilizers. This is negative adaptation, and you don’t get any evolution or growth by doing it this way. My “work” is aiming for positive adaptation, where there is an original trust in the alchemy, we fortify the body while protecting it from the fire, facilitate the birthing process to use the energy productively. If coping with kundalini is successful we should be able to endure a hot-burn without it detracting from our lives and remain at the peak of our creative potential.

Kundalini cannot be separated from Eros or the Muse…the soul and Kundalini appear to be the SAME THING. More than anything it’s attunement and obedience to one’s Muse that brings on an awakening…because one could say that one’s Muse IS the kundalini force. So it will tell one what one needs for it to come forth.

The symbolic, visionary, dream life will always be a part of Man, and heightened in times of flourishing creativity…for the soul knits everything together, it is the herald of MEANING…and drives the physical, emotional and mental through communion with Spirit. Art as a mystical path, is simply caring for the soul and following the heart…but one needs to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially competent enough to travel that road. One of the great paradoxes is that the more evolved one is the more apparent autonomy while at the same time we become more of a mere vessel for spirits transpersonal expression.

Consider that life is like surfing waves. There is a charge of life-force that arises with any new exciting event be it meeting a lover, or a Eureka discovery. But if we fail to ride the energy of that charge we miss the wave and get ground into the sand. Each time we do this aborted surfing trick we get further and further from the life we want, and we get less and less excited with every new event, so that we become generally apathetic or downright depressed. So life is like surfing and opportunities are waves.

“The more in contact we are with our depths, the more creative we will tend to be…Creativity creates the illusion of a self-contained creator, a somebody doing it, but in fact it births and delivers itself, if we will but give our permission. At essence, creativity bypasses egoity, though egoity may claim credit for creativity’s products. In the throes of pure creativity, we primarily exist as an intimate witnessing of — and space for — what is unfolding. We are then not the creator, but are simply present for — and also as — the creative process.” 128, ~ Robert Augustus Masters, Darkness Shining Wild

Inner voices increase when kundalini is fired up, you could say it’s our supersensoral self speaking to us. My “higher” voice doesn’t say that much but when it does, it’s on a transrational, gnostic, Christ-like level and the words seem omnipotent. Some people are particularly wired more for voice, others for visions, some for music. These intrusions are just higher operations of the mind that we normally do not access due to the strict repressive/filtering capacities of the ego. More and more of us will be loosening the barrier between this higher consciousness and our normal operating mode. So that eventually as a species we will all be living at this higher operating level.

As we evolve higher hardware is forming and coming into focus…received as sporadic informative voices. A lot of people get confused and think it’s another entity, whereas they are really just channeling their emerging higher self. Due to the perturbation of normal consciousness by kundalini we are more open to higher information from inner voices and visions. Some voices are from a consciousness way beyond our normal operating mode, others stem more from a lower condition say of biological distress when we have mis-eaten, are ill or going thru a die-off. You can easily tell the difference by what is said and the “energy packet” and bliss level that comes with the information. This higher information often arises in hypnognia or Theta wave. Visions seem to be the most life altering in physiology and direction. They pack a more psychedelic punch to permanently alter physiology.

Because of the bliss, pituitary potency and expanding consciousness kundalini comes with an inherent grace and faith. But to steer kundalini in a healthy direction one must use ones gifts and graces for a transpersonal (holy) cause. The muse must be followed and the energy used creatively or the negative resistant ego (pain-body) will hijack the energy and use it for our self-destruction. What is not used for the light of Eros turns into the darkness of Thanatos.

“There is a strange and horrible thing about one’s daemon: When honored and acted upon, it is indeed one’s guiding spirit; those who bear a god within bring genius to their work. When however, one’s daemon is heard but unheeded, it is said that the daemon becomes a demon, or evil spirit–divine energy and talent degenerates into self-destructive activity.” 58, ~ Ken Wilber, Grace and Grit

kundalini-snakeYou will probably notice that the Muse always arises with a sexual tension…and the Muse is our highest condition other than Samadhi. Of course there are infinite levels of the profundity of what the Muse brings forth and this would be reflected in the spiritual-presence of the particular sexual wave that coarises with the Muse.

The Muse is greatly amplified during a kundalini awakening, which can cause complications in trying to fit genius level gnosis into a flatland rather rational and subrational culture. The Gods may not get jealous, but people surely do. So skillful means and timing are very important in expressing and presenting the “higher” knowledge that may be coming through us during awakening. Be careful whom you tell about your condition, some can accept it with no problem, others will be freaked out without any real reason to be, just through shear ignorance. If you must mention it to blind conservatives you could just describe it as a massive cosmic love affair or something.

The terms muse, music, mind, men, mental, amuse and museum are all related. But by “muse” we are not referring to simple associative thinking processes but to Gnosis. The conscious content tends to arrive in our mind fully formed, and we simply transcribe it so to speak. Like Mozart’s music in which he heard an entire piece all in one instant then wrote it down in “linear” time. Poetry can be like that also–it’s all there beyond the conscious horizon and just flows out onto the page.

The worst thing about post-awakening life is that we feel bereft of our muse having tasted it so acutely, so the loss of our psychic/subtle/causal levels during the exhaustion phase can be a great soul sickness. Recovery from which is possible with “work” and happily in reviving the Muses it is necessary to seduce them. Seduce them with novelty, sensory stimulation, new information and new ventures. For surely when we are graced by the spontaneous appearance of the Muses during a kundalini awakening, we get familiar with their nectar and meaning…we become in-spired, en-spirited. But rather than go back to the tired old life, with the same old fuel–if we have tasted what it is to be a God–then we must set about feeding the God in us in every respect.

Art is blind, like love…rightly so, or it would never happen.





Author: Jana Dixon

Source: biologyofkundalini.com

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