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October issue of The Awakening Times is a special treat from the Far East. The focus is on ‘the way’ of the Tao, its history and teachings, and the extent to which the ancient philosophy and religious teachings of Tao penetrated Chinese culture and belief systems.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful reading about Tao, the essence of Tai Chi and its principles including the highest level of Tai Chi when one goes beyond the body; concise and yet profound description of Yin and Yang, the ancient concept of duality forming a whole; Yin and Yang as the foundation of diagnosis and treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and origins and history of the millennia old Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moreover, find out what makes one a real vegetarian and why; Personal journey of healing of the childhood traumas through healing of the inner child; Is having a dream in life necessary, optional or inevitable in terms of awakening.
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october 2016 Edition Features:

Is The Dream Of Life Optional or Inevitable

Dreams small or big continue to color the lives of human beings. Yet, a question arises -is our dreaming mind dreaming our life? Is having a dream in life necessary, optional or inevitable in terms of awakening? A study was made that shows that our dreams and the effort required to manifest them give us the necessary drive to undergo the various tests, intense ups and downs in life, experiencing the depth of existence. This often results in a certain degree of awakening. This beautiful article invites the reader to realize that “there is a Deeper Dreaming Self that is having a dream and we are it!”

No Inner Child Left Behind

A touching and inspiring story of an adult child of an alcoholic and a recovering addict turned Life Coach. His life is his message of healing, bringing to light the striking fact that our inner child holds the key to healing of the childhood time traumas. It indeed takes courage to embark on the path of healing – the only way out is through. One just needs to gather the courage and go through the process.

What is Yin Yang?

Just about everyone has an idea what Yin and Yang mean, but to truly understand the basic concepts that define the nature of Yin / Yang a text like this is truly precious. It provides a concise and yet an in-depth description of this ancient concept of duality forming a whole, i.e. two halves (female and male) that together complete wholeness. Yin and Yang are also explained as the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete. However, when the unchanging whole is split into two halves (yin / yang), interdependent upon each other, the upset equilibrium starts the chase of both halves after each other as they seek a new balance between them.

Origins & History of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is prehistoric and predates writing. Discovery of acupuncture points can be traced back to Stone Age. Whatever the exact origin, acupuncture is not exclusive to China. However, only in the East was it so highly developed, which is only because of the dedicated, keen observation by the ancient Chinese over hundreds and even thousands of years. Immerse yourself in the reading that will expand your horizons.

Yin & Yang in Chinese Medicine

The earliest reference to Yin and Yang is in the I Ching (Book of Changes) in approximately 700 BC. In this work, all phenomena, physiological processes, signs and symptoms are said to be reduced to Yin-Yang. Yin and Yang is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In general, every treatment modality aims to bring the body back to balance, overcoming the excess or deficiency of Yin or Yang. This article offers detailed examples of which organs, parts of the body, processes etc. are related to Yin or Yang and intriguing explanations of these processes.


It is not enough to be vegetarian, but to be vegetarian for the right reasons. Rev. Wayne E. Farquhar shares his views on the right reasons for being vegetarian and elaborates on why coming closer to God is not possible if one is causing suffering to any other living being.

The Correct Internal Principles of Tai Chi

With great humility, precision and dedication the author (Great Grand Master Kellen Chia) explains the essence of Tai Chi, what makes a firm base for the practice, how to develop it and how to recognize the moment when the practitioner is gone beyond the physical body, attaining the highest level of Tai Chi. This is something that is rarely explained in detail, with this kind of clarity. This is because only someone who has undergone the experience can write about the same with lucidity and precision of this level.

Chinese Taoism

Taoism is a term for China’s indigenous philosophies and religious beliefs. In a way, it has always been China’s main religion which colored all the others. People may identify themselves as Christian of Muslim and still embrace the philosophies and religious ideas of the many faceted Taoism. If they believe in Chi, the balancing of Yin and Yang, or venerate their ancestors, they can be called Taoists. Find out more about the history of Taoism, the link between Taoism and Zen Buddhism and how Taoist temples and practices faired during and after the Cultural Revolution in China.



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