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This month issue is dedicated to Sai Baba from Shirdi. You are invited to dive into our articles of Sai Baba, narrating his many miracles and transformation of lives. Find out how a young bearded man became the famous Shirdi Sai Baba and what his relevance is today. Learn about the Mayan way of greeting and how its power can positively contribute to our existence; Mohanji’s powerful communion with a higher master, challenging the audience about their readiness to loose; lessons we as adults can learn from the purity and divinity of children; the questionable need as well as meaning of a Guru in our lives and a beautiful story of equilibrium between Desire and Renunciation.

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OCTOBER 2015 Edition Features:

In Lak’ech Ala K’in – The Living Code of the Heart

The time has come to use the power of the Mayan Tradition. This article explains how the Mayan way of greeting – In Lak’ech Ala K’in  – affects our life and how we can utilize this Mayan power and wisdom to transform our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

The Qualities of a Guru and How to Find One

Is Guru really necessary on one’s path to self-realization? What are the true qualities of a Guru and how is one to recognize him? Find out this and more from this succinct and elucidating article based on the teachings of Pujya Swami Paramanand Bharati Ji.

Life Story of Sai Baba of Shirdi

The story of a stranger with sparkling eyes who took shelter in a mosque in Shirdi Village (of Maharshtra State, In India) at the beginning of 18th century is as relevant today as it was three centuries ago. Sai Baba continues to transform lives of all those who choose to connect with his consciousness. Find out how a young bearded man became the famous Shirdi Sai Baba and what is his relevance today.

Miracles of Sai Baba

Through his miracles and stories told in symbols and parables, Sai Baba conveyed his messages to people in his unique but most effective ways.  Sai Baba imparted knowledge in accordance with the capacity of the recipient to absorb it and always managed to stir something deep within the hearts of people. These are only some of his many miracles that give the reader an idea of the unfathomable greatness of Sai.

The TOMB that Speaks and Moves

Deeply touching and awakening stories by devotees of Sai Baba. Emerge in Sai Baba’s divine miracles, his many mysterious appearances as a fakir and how he transforms lives  – from a women who safely delivers her baby, to the miraculous healing of a sick patient, the appearance of a train ticket and many more –  all narrated by devotees themselves.

The Power of Losing

Mohanji shares a communion with a higher master. A direct and powerful message to the readers, guiding us to true happiness, which is that of someone who has nothing inside. Nothing to defend. Nothing to fear. Nothing to run away from. Nothing to do. Nothing to prove. Nothing to think. Nothing to achieve. Are you ready to loose?

Learning from Children – Why Not?

A nostalgic view of an adult into the wisdom of children and the purity of their way of living – from their language of love, living in the now, sincere laughter from within and the absence of judgements – five practical lessons from children that we as adult can learn from.

Desire and Renunciation

A beautiful story of equilibrium between Desire and Renunciation, the human traits that are also names of the two main characters in this story – Desire, the son of a rich businessman and Renunciation, the daughter of a humble Brahmin. “The way we live is our teaching to the world, what is said in words is always less” is one of the profound messages of this lovely story.





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