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November/December 2018 issue of The Awakening Times is our golden issue, being last one in this format. This is why our TAT team made sure we make it special and memorable. It is with great joy that we share with you different dimensions of spiritual awakening, from various angles, as expressed by the mind that has been transcended and mastered.

Enjoy a candid, highly engaging and laser-sharp interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji, which offers profound insights about several key subjects related to spiritual awakening.
November / December issue of TAT also brings you educational and mind-blowing articles covering various topics – from surprising link between magnesium and brain health, spiritual consequences of alcohol consumption observed from the angle of spirit, to health benefits of fasting due to its underlining mechanism of autophagy, importance of restoring 432Hz in our music and life, importance of healing our mother and father wound as one of the key ‘karmic knots’ that we tend to carry, importance of releasing that what no longer serves us, removing the weight that divides us from Divine with the help of Mother Kali, and precious guidance regarding true success in life by Paramahamsa Yogananda.

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november / december 2018 EDITION FEATURES:

Interview With Brahmarishi MOHANJI ~ Part 1

Through this intensely engaging interview with Brahmarishi Mohanji you will gain insight about what does it mean to become a unit first in order to attain enlightenment – find out what Mohanji means by “a journey from a scattered state to a state of being one unit” and why only then the inner expansion can begin effectively, gradually breaking the shell of ego.

Music Theory: Exploring The 432 Hz Tuning Debate

Did you know that the current music and audio industry currently uses the A = 440 Hz universal standard pitch tuning around the world, even though 432Hz is ideal for our health. Less than 100 years ago this was not the case. Find out when, how and why this change took place and how conscious people are creating a movement to restore 432Hz in our music and lives.

The surprising link between magnesium and brain health

Discover the surprising link between magnesium, an essential mineral vital to proper brain function, and brain health. Find out what caused the current widespread magnesium deficiency, to what consequence and what can be done about it.

The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

Why do people change completely when intoxicated? Is it a coincidence that alcoholic beverages are also called spirits? Open your mind to a whole new way of observing the effects of alcoholism – as a dangerous way of making one’s body susceptible to neighboring low-frequency entities.

Fasting Research Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine. Is it Right for You?

Did you know that fasting is such an important process in our lives that it could be the key to our health? This is because of a physiological process called autophagy. In 2016 Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi from Japan was awarded Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries of the underlying mechanisms of autophagy. Find out why.

Healing Your Mother (or Father) Wound

In your meditation and self-awareness practice you are bound to come across the so-called “karmic knots”-those physical and emotional traumas you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. In this profound article find out why the childhood wounds that we get from our closest family members, mother and father especially, are the toughest one and how to overcome them.

How To Succeed in Any Line of Work by Paramhansa Yogananda

In the plethora of modern day life couches and advice we can get from other people in person and online, articles written by the Masters indeed stand out. Enjoy Paramahamsa Yogananda’s clarity and real life examples on how to achieve success and destroy the false division between spiritual and material work.

Calling in Kali and the Fire Of Transformation Through Meditation, Prayer and Ritual

As Mirabai Starr said, “Kali’s task is to annihilate that which stands between us and the Divine. She’s frightening to the ego, but infinitely beautiful to our soul.” If you would like to release that what no longer serves you, enjoy this soul-stirring experience sharing by Gina Vucci and learn what is truly meant by “feeling the burn.”


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