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Be inspired by pioneer scientist Nassim Haramein’s efforts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality in the field of Unified Physics. Dive into this month’s spiritual growth guide that leads you from doing to simply being. Immerse yourself into the wisdom of Sufism and learn how to transcend astrological influences.

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February 2015 Edition Features:

A Spiritual Growth Guide: From Trying to Just Being

Transcend your emotions. Explore how to shift to a state of beingness and how to nurture healthy relationships in your life.

My Transition From Student to Teacher – We Are All Both

In this sincere, inspiring article Nicole Markardt shares her experiences of Yoga student and Yoga teacher and how teaching Yoga led her to realize the expanded state of oneness with all.

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna and the Shat-Chakras

What happens when the air enters Sushumna, the central energy meridian in the spine? Learn about the three main energy meridians in human body, Kundalini, chakras, Samadhi and more.

The Day Science Met Spirituality

Find out about the pioneer scientist Nassim Haramein whose work is at the forefront of bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Mohan H Surujbally describes the life work of Nassim Haramein and his Resonance Project Foundation dedicated to continuous research in the field of Unified Physics and open to all.

How to Transcend Astrological Influences

The true value behind astrology. Learn how to transcend astrological influences.

Selected Sayings of Elder Thaddeus

Ignite your contemplative power. Enjoy selected pearls of wisdom from Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, one of the most renowned spiritual guides of Serbia in the 20th century.

How to recognize FALSE TEACHERS

How to recognize real teachers? Learn about the subtle differences of teachers that liberate you versus those who bind you.

Practical Sufism – A Living Tradition

How to unblock pure expression of the soul’s qualities in our daily life? Learn this and more from the rich Sufi tradition applied in practice.


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