Cover photo by Bimal Nair

First ever Festival of Consciousness in Serbia

An invitation to connect to ourselves, in honour of the highest human potential; joy and divine celebrations at the inaugural Festival of Consciousness in Serbia. 

Dancing by the Danube – Taking the first steps on a Journey to Dissolution

The Himalayan School of Traditional dance teaches the subtle techniques whereby dance is becomes devotion and emphasises the merger of the dancer with the dance.

Introduction to Homeopathy: Part 02

Read about the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and panic and
a selection of remedies recommended to address them.

“Spirits Rebellious”

Review of the Kahlil Gibran’s lesser known book “Spirits Rebellious” published in the early 20th century, and its impact on the culture and society of its time.

Dispatches from The Early Birds Club Kids

The Early Birds Club – Kids, inspires a generation to rise early, explore their talents, and contribute positively every day. Catch up on some the activities and innovations coming from the  hearts and minds of the Early  Birds children

Mohanji’s Musings

Mohanji muses this month on the dimensions and divinity of Krishna, in honour of the Auspisious  day of Krishna Janmasthami

Guru Poornima

Insights into the meaning and potency of the auspicious time of Guru Poornima, a day each year dedicated to integration with the principle which removes ignorance. 

Asana Deep Dive

Get acquainted with the yogic posture of the grounded warrior, the awesome Virbhadrasana, in the first of our monthly Asana Deep Dives.

“The Fisher King”

Review of Terry Gilliam’s award winning cinematic homage the myth of the holy grail and the green knight.

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