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If you are a yoga lover, we also bring you therapeutic yoga positions which can help with some health conditions.

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The Awakening Times

5th Anniversary of Avo Sai Bijlee

“Avo Sai Bijlee” is a channel about Sai Baba, His devotees or Maha Bhakta, scared articles given by Baba to his devotees, various places associated with Baba, Tirthas or sacred pilgrimage places, What is the face behind the videos, the narrator who says “Baba give this article to this bhakta”, “this is the significance of this temple”, etc.? There is no face associated with the videos so far. My name is Deepack Raja.It is four years since the inauguration of “Avo Sai Bijlee” YouTube channel. We are stepping into the fifth year today. Even last year, I had mentioned that I wanted to interact with you all over video.

Foundations of a Healthy Life

April seventh is celebrated as World Health Day. May we take this opportunity to contemplate on this significant aspect of life. One can have all the riches in the world but without health we cannot enjoy any of it. The old proverb “Health is wealth” is so poignant in today’s world. The recent pandemic and the ensuing global crisis act as reminders on how precious good health truly is. We often overlook health as we are busy chasing material things in life. We are so caught up in our daily activities that we fail to spend time nourishing oneself.

Why Fear When I Am Near: An interview with Satya Sai Baba’s Ivan Bavčevič

Ivan Bavčevič, a very sincere devotee of Satya Sai Baba, shares his experiences as a disciple living in close proximity to Baba, and the experience of being given responsibility within Baba’a organisation and what managing that is like when you have Baba’s grace guiding every step.

India – A Pilgrimage

“I never wanted to travel to India. Although many people had spoken about the power of that place, I didn’t believe that one’s connection to God or energy was tied to a specific location. After all, if God is omnipresent, what was the point of traveling far and wide in search of this connection? But I was wrong.” Tatyana opens up about her experiences as a pilgrim in India.

Jon Krakauer’s “Into The Wild” a Review

Our resident book reviewer explores the extraordinary story of a young man who took a leap of faith, literally into the wild, the hard realities and the beauty of living in nature, and the price he ultimately paid for the freedom and peace he craved.

The Inner Guru

The word guru, is a Sanskrit word that signifies one who chases away the darkness. Often such a person is needed to help chase away fears, doubts, insecurities and ignorance. 

To be the guiding light of thought, speech and right action. When we look at the world around us, it does seem all so confusing and most of the time we don’t have the time or sufficient concentration to make sense of it. Therefore we seek answers from others who offer some sense in what seems like chaotic nonsense.

Living In Gratitude – A Transformative Journey

Gratitude invites abundance in our lives. We develop an optimistic outlook on the future. Every joyful day brings yet another joyous one. A life filled with thankfulness generates amazing energy. This increases our self-confidence. It results in attracting more abundance. If we are constantly thinking about what we lack, we cannot enjoy our life. The negative energy enhances further negativity and our life becomes even more miserable. Unhappiness and sadness cannot result in joy…it is not possible.

The Ultimate Gamble – An Conversation with Christopher Greenwood – Part 1

Christopher Greenwood, executive assistant to world renowned humanitarian Mohanji, has written a book chronicling his experiences and the lessons he has learned over the last 3 years. This is the first part of our conversation about the book and why he wrote it.

My Secret Place

A person’s perception may change in the journey of life.  The environment may be the same but it may be viewed differently at another time. Sweety Vyas shares her experiences in taking the time to be in a peaceful space, surrounded by nature, and the profound effect it can have on our state of mind.

The Samadhi State

Samadhi is a state of consciousness that can only be described as pure bliss. It is a state of being in which the mind is completely still, and the body and soul are in perfect harmony. It is the ultimate goal of yoga and meditation and can be achieved through constant practice and dedication. To attain samadhi, one must first understand the nature of the mind. The mind is like a wild horse that has to be trained and tamed. It constantly jumps from one thought to another, never fully resting. The practice of yoga and meditation helps to calm the mind and bring it to a state of stillness.

Stasa’s reminder for PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly called PCOD or PCOS has become very common with women.
This condition is caused by water cyst or multiple cysts forming in the ovaries. The cause for PCOS is
due to hormonal imbalance, poor life style, overweight, lack of sleep and sedentary life style.

“Šta god da bude, budi Ljubav.” – rekao mi je…

When a person closes himself off and asks himself “How?”, he sends the Universe a message – no way, and the Universe answers like one big mirror – yes, no way. Invest energy to remain open, calm and yet joyful with the faith that whatever you are going through that it has its own why and that you will already find a way to get through it all as best you can.

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