By: Anisha/Sanja Dejanović

Two friens were talking. The first said to the second: “They are repulsed by your strong energy.” Other
one replied: “They are repulsed by their weak energy. Strong does not mean bad, nor destructive, only
strong, one who can, who wants, who knows how and moves forward. And there is no reason to be
afraid of it. If there isn’t that one who knows how to see below my surface, who doesn’t recognize all
the subtle things beneath that strength, then what am I supposed to do. I can’t suffocate myself,
neutralize myself. One who cares, he should strengthen himself or let himself to sail into that strong
energy like in overflow and to let himself go. Afterwards, one can be surprised by the calm flow of the

That was my post on a social network.

Among the comments below that post was a comment that it was a feminist stance. On the contrary,
there is no trail of feminism in that status, even though it is perceived as such. For he definition of
feminism stands: “It is the name for a group of ideologies and political movements whose goal was to
improve the position of women in society, that is, to equalize the rights of women with the rights of
men.” Of course, a woman should have the same rights in terms of choosing a job, voting, going to holy
places, etc., but in fact, by nature, she has even greater rights from God because it was given to her by
God, nature gave her that through her new life comes to the Earth. Of course, there are ladies who
might not or won’t, but I’m speaking globally here. On my you tube channel, I explained that we, women
and men, should not compete and compete and impose, but should cooperate with each other, whether
it is love relationships, business or any other. And that association is achieved by getting rid of the ego
beliefs that support that race.

By the way, the above-mentioned post was about male-female relationships, where a friend actually
explains to me the reason why I am single and my answer was as it is. Solitude can also be beautiful
because through it we reach deeper into ourselves, deeper into God. We are given time to remove
perhaps some negative programs that attract things and situations into our lives that do not support our
highest good. And when we are good with ourselves, we will be good when that other right person
appears. And this applies to both genders.

After my post and that comment, I had a question in my mind about how to clarify it so that it would be
understood correctly. The thought of strong and weak power came to me as an answer. As the daughter
of an electrician who installs electricity into buildings, that topic is close to me. Namely, low power is
reserved for our audio and video devices, internet, television, computer, telephone and so on. On the
other hand, strong electricity gives us lighting in the home, operation of the washing machine, stove,
and refrigerator. If we transfer it to people, someone with lower energy may look nice, talk nice,
communicate, but somehow they are on the surface of the relationship. A strong power, energy is more
effective, more efficient, it can “cook” ideas, carry out what is imagined, protect “perishable” foodstuffs
(common interests) and the like.

The post mentioned strong energy in a woman and weaker energy in a man, however it can certainly be
the other way around, I am not advocating any feminist position. Simply, a woman with strong energy is
more piercing, knows what she wants, tends to manifest it and very often, or all the time, relies on God
and God’s providence. She does what she is supposed to do but the outcomes and results leaves to the
Higher Divine Power. That woman does not need a man to protect her, she does not need protector nor
sponsor, she needs a companion, someone with whom she will combine her talents and abilities, love
each other and work together on Earth both for their own good and for the good of the whole. Of
course, precisely because I am not a feminist, I believe that a woman, a mother, should not work more
than four hours per day and that it is up to him to earn more than her, but not so that he can control her
with money, but because every member of the gentle gender should have more time for the two of
them, their home, and of course children if there are any, and especially for herself, to regenerate
herself so that she could be properly available to family members. Again, this does not exclude that he
will not participate in the family, in everyday activities that concern the home, his chosen one and
children. A happy wife is a happy family – is the title of one of my earlier articles.
There is no mutual racing and competition, but conscious management of lives – negotiating, not
imposing. So, if a woman has strong energy it does not mean that she has destructive energy, but that
she stands well on her feet, in her heart and in her consciousness, and that she knows where she is
headed. A man with less energy, someone who is not sure what he wants from himself and life, or
follows the line of least resistance, runs away from his inner self, can be frightened, withdraw, and this is
exactly the moment that says surrender yourself if you liked something on the surface or in your initial
relationship. There is no need to run away, because if a person is strong, it does not mean that she is
dictatorial. Strength does not exclude gentleness, subtlety on other levels, but it can give one piercing
where it is needed.
If we look at it from another angle, male energy is considered the energy of action and it is this strong
energy, while female energy is considered as inspiration, intuition, creativity and it is gentler, ‘weaker’.
In order for intuition to be manifested action is needed, which means that each person has both of
these energies, and it is ideal when they are in balance, i.e. harmony, fully aligned. I have a habit of
saying: “I pull out the one I need.” If I need to create, then I am in a calmer, more subtle energy. Like
when I dance, for example, that’s when feminine nature comes to the surface. But if I need to manifest
something then I “bring out” male energy, or the energy of action to the surface, and then people knew
to characterize me as a soldier. And that’s why it often happens that in certain situations they tell me:
“Your male energy is too strong, put it down, you’re driving men away from you.” I don’t force anyone,
they reject themselves because they didn’t handle their energies, their qualities, they didn’t come to
terms with themselves. When someone is alone for ten years, she takes care of all his activities,
manifestations, finances, actions in the world, and even in the silence of her chambers, that someone
relies on herself and of course on God, and then she simply withdraws from himself in this world the
strength she needs to survive, to act and to rejoice. When I used to spent most of my time in that so-
called feminine energy, I had attracted controllers, manipulators, people who wanted to change me,
because I guess on a subconscious level, or maybe even consciously, they had the impression that I was
easy to be controlled. Then they would disappear, or I would withdraw. And then you simply come to
the state, that the only important thing for you is to live your purpose of existence, the vision of your

birth, and if that vision needs to be shared and lived with a dear, special male being, it will be so, and if
not, that’s perfectly fine too. Everything has its own why and wherefore.
That’s why it’s important to be aware of yourself and of the moment, and accordingly feel who is across
from you. You can lower your guard – to enter into that subtle energy, only when the person across from
you shows that they are worth it. There is no need to run in front of the ore. And this does not only
concern male-female relationships.
On the other side, there are also those strong so-called male energies (regardless of whether they
manifest through a female or a male person) that are destructive towards others. It happened to me to
testify to those situations. These are people who act out of ego, only for their own good and benefit.
Whether they do it consciously, or some injured part of them, an unhealed inner child, forces them to
act like that in the world, without pausing for a second to look at the world around them and whether or
not they are hurting someone with their behavior, is not so important at this hour. I just want to draw
attention to two qualities of strong energy and that it is up to us to recognize the quality that is across
from us and within us.
That is why I say that strong energy does not necessarily mean that it is bad. Take for example the
impact of thunder and lightning. Someone is traumatized by the sound of thunder and the appearance
of lightning, and someone enjoys them like Nikola Tesla was. When someone is struck by lightning, they
die on the spot, and there are those who survived the lightning strike because their body was able to
conduct that amount of electricity. So, let’s be receptive and open to energy that is good and effective
for us, it doesn’t matter if it’s strong or weak. We learn to recognize what comes to us from people, but
remain aware of what we send to people.
I find it very funny when someone tells me that men have one logic and women another. Yes, as long as
we act from the ego, that negative part of ego, it is so. But if consciousness is one, and it is, then there is
no division into male and female thinking. Division can only be at the level of roles and tasks on the
Earth. For example, a woman is definitely given the role of a mother by nature. The male body is not
capable of getting pregnant and giving birth, but the female body is, which again does not mean that
every woman will give birth, but that is a completely different topic. The division can only be at the level
of the body, in terms of the role that the body plays, the strength that is assigned to the male body, and
the strength that is assigned to the female body, diversity in the profession, but not at the level of the
spirit, mind (consciousness) and heart. When someone loves, he/she loves, and there is no division,
there is no difference in feeling, if love is real – complete, and therefore when you act out of love,
energies merge, melt into each other and in this way achieve symbiosis on the Earth, instead of a
division in the relationship.
And by nature, a woman is more in touch with her intuition, or she should be, and then man is one who
should enable her intuitive ideas to come true through the energy of action. Of course, here we are
talking about a woman who is in contact with intuition, and a man who is aware of it, but in today’s
world it is all a bit confused and each individual should work on this, so that each one expresses the
divine nature of his being.
Peace and Joy to all and Light to the world.
With love,

Anisha ( Sanja Dejanović)

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