Written by Sanja Dejanovic

I made various choices in my life. We all make them.. did I like any? Of course, I do. Are there any that I would never repeat? Of course. Sometimes, when I look at those few choices, I wonder where my mind was as if it wasn’t me… but that’s what it is… for somebody it’s nothing, but for me, it was trampling on some of my principles. Certainly, you can’t go back, we all know that. Blame yourself for life? It’s pointless, it doesn’t benefit you or those around you. Leave all of that in the past where it belongs, pull yourself out emotionally and mentally from there, and learn to stay here and now. Sometimes it’s not easy, and sometimes it pulls you back or forward so much, but it’s worth bringing yourself back to the present, it’s worth taking yourself out of various beautiful and less beautiful scenarios that the mind can tailor. Imagine yourself with a smile on your face without the interference of the mind, without the burden and worry of how to have that smile. Let a higher intelligence take care of your smile. Sometimes you can be surprised by the ways, moments, places, and people that can deliver to you only if you are open. When a person closes himself off and asks himself “How?”, he sends the Universe a message – no way, and the Universe answers like one big mirror – yes, no way. Invest energy to remain open, calm, and yet joyful with the faith that whatever you are going through that it has its way and that you will already find a way to get through it all as best you can. You have gone through many other things, you will also go through something that is “tormenting” you now, which is on your daily, weekly, monthly, or maybe a little longer-term menu. Life is somehow tailored from cycles. The influence of the planets, or something that we understand or not, is not so important. The important thing is that you know that every cycle ends for a new one to begin. Sometimes it takes time, you think it has no end, but it does, it is necessary to end for a new one to begin. Learn not to accumulate. It is important to learn to flow, to move or stand still when is necessary, to let it happen, to wisely skip and bypass what needs to be skipped, and to remain open to all possible miracles, all the magic of life which the Universe can and wants to show you in all its ordinariness and simplicity.

There were also those brilliant choices. There were also some very difficult ones, those when everyone told you one thing and you went to the opposite side, you didn’t listen to them, you listened to yourself or some part of yourself that wanted to be lived, which felt that it should be. These are mostly the most difficult choices not because of their weight but because of the questioning that they knew would follow, and what if I had listened, maybe others were right after all, maybe… yes… you can do it to yourself brainwashing, but know that you didn’t listen to yourself that you would surely wonder then, what if I had had more courage to follow myself and that call from within. the mind is always scheming. It will always find a way to play with you if you let that happen, that’s why I’m begging you for the common good, don’t fall for those provocations of the mind. Accept yourself and your decisions, love yourself, and live now in the now for yourself and your smile.  You will easily for others. May your smile be in the first place, but in the right way – do everything you like but never at the expense of others. Share what you love with others, let happiness spread. Do no try to convince those who don’t want to hear you, but if you get the chance, whisper to them that they can do it your way, that they can do it differently. Some will condemn you, some will laugh at you, some will criticize you a lot, try to get a feeling guilt, some will block you even though you wish them well, but know that it’s all for your own good, because it doesn’t matter what others do to you, but how you react to it. Do you react or respond, does it throw you out of peace or just passes you by, comes back to them.. does it…

And wherever you are now, whatever you are doing now, feel your heart expand, open yourself to the maximum of love that you can experience through yourself for yourself and for others. Be happy right where you are because it’s really good there now… A wonderful being once said to me, known to many as Mohanji: “Whatever happens, be Love.” I share this message with you out of the desire that Love awakens and reigns on this planet. Maybe we won’t always succeed, maybe sometimes we’ll say and do some things out of weakness, learned behavior, but it’s worth keeping this intention in mind. One day maybe we’ll live it. One day maybe it’ll just be LOVE BETWEEN PEOPLE… One day. 

With love,


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