True spirituality leads one to his own soul. Adi Shankaracharya said:

Some walk with shaven head, some with matted hair, some with a switch at the back of their head, some wear saffron, some wear nothing. Please understand O Ignorant Beings, they are doing all these just for their own stomach’s sake.

Centuries ago, Adi Shankara uttered this eternal truth. It remains true even today. When man handles his terrestrial existence through his senses, he falls prey to such visual appeals. When the soul is guiding, he automatically gets guided to the right guru. In order for the soul to guide, one must bring the senses inward. He should watch his thoughts and calm his mind through observation of thoughts as a witness.


Shirdi Sai is one of the Greatest of Masters who ever walked on earth and continues to walk with his subtle body. If Baba is guiding, then there is no need to doubt. He will protect you from all mishaps. He will only guide you to the information or Guru, that is right for you. Just do not doubt or analyze. Surrender everything to Sai and walk the path.

Author: Mohanji

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