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Being an excerpt from Devi Mohan’s book, “Home for a Refugee”, in which she shares, based on her own experience of childbirth, some of the subtler aspects of the process which we sadly tend to overlook in our strictly allopathic and insensitive approach in most of modernised society, to the detriment of mothers, children and society as a whole.

From the blurb:

“Home for a Refugee is Devi Mohan’s intimate and rousing account of her heart’s journey Home to divine union with her beloved Guru and husband, Mohanji

As a refugee amid the horrors and agonies of the Yugoslav wars, and through the dramatic swings of life thereafter, Devi charted her own path with incredible determination and resilience and her intuition as the guiding light.

Home for a Refugee is about celebrating life, finding joy in the darkest of moments, and stepping bravely from the shadows of victimhood to serve as a beacon of Divine Light. Every moment in this memoir of transformation blossoms into an artful lesson, a healing, a casual miracle, or a subtle awakening. 

Devi Mohan invites readers to join her in multitudes of mystical and miraculous experiences and share in the blessings on her path to the One. Be blessed by her message of peace and unity and her expressions of feminine vulnerability and purest love.Devi Mohan is a mother, humanitarian, spiritual diplomat, proponent of traditional yoga, and instrument of healing, but at the heart of Devi is Mohan – her life partner and the ultimate spiritual guide. Her very name is the epitome of the Unity her life was meant to serve.”

This brings me to another important topic – the spiritual dimension of childbirth and the importance of providing the right conditions for a woman so that she can secrete oxytocin properly.  I have met several women who have opted for a natural delivery at home, in a small pool, with their husbands by their side (provided they are sufficiently prepared and can handle it).  When we went to Peru on a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, I met the lovely wife of our spiritual tour guide who shared the details of her orgasmic delivery of their first child.  She said it loud enough for the entire minibus to hear, and sure enough, all heads turned when she said the big O word, “I had a beautiful orgasm while delivering my first child at home.  It was so amazing that I was really eager to have more children.” This was really sweet.

We are yet to reach the point of introducing the spiritual dimension into childbirth within mainstream medical institutions.  Unfortunately, what we still see is a lot of misuse within the medical establishment.  This was my experience as well.  When I arrived in Serbia and went to the right medical office to report that I will be delivering my child in Serbia, the main doctor was pretty rude and condescending, telling me, “Oh, you are quite old – already 33 and having your first child?  [I do think this has changed by now.  I see a lot of women delivering their first child in their 30s and 40s.]  I would highly recommend the C-section.  I can schedule it for you right now. I wouldn’t take the risk of being completely torn down there.  Aside from being painful, it will definitely affect your sex life – your husband won’t be happy, you know.”  

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Applying all my yogic knowledge and calming myself through breath to respond and not react, very well aware that they get paid for performing C-sections but not for a natural delivery, I told him, “Thank you, but I would like to try my luck with the natural, vaginal birth.”  

After I delivered Mila and was sent to the room where mothers await their babies, there were two other young mothers in there and neither could sit up due to their painful stitches.  I enquired a bit later on from my midwife and came to know that I was the only woman on the entire floor of Zvezdara hospital’s Maternal and Newborn Care department who did not have any issues with the pain and stitches after episiotomy.  I do believe this was mainly because of my prenatal yoga, and the effective exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (aside from the blessings of Baba and Mohanji).  

This entire experience inspired me to enroll in a yoga teacher training course in prenatal yoga.  I did that years later when I returned to Serbia and was blessed to be taught by one of the best spiritual midwives and prenatal yoga instructors in Serbia – Divna Miljković.  I could write volumes of all that I learned from this course.  In some of the books we were guided to read, I learned about the deeper connection that babies feel with the placenta.  This was a huge eye-opener.  It is perceived as a most loving friend or sibling.  Separation from the placenta is painful for every baby. I was amazed to learn about the depth of the spiritual midwives from the Philippines from the pre-Christian era, who knew that, if a woman bleeds during delivery, all that is needed is to give her a small piece of the placenta to swallow.  No medicine is needed. This brings the system into balance and the bleeding stops.  They even had a heartfelt ritual of placenta’s burial with special prayers. This just goes to show how respected the placenta was in their culture.  

Considering my past life history with the White Circle of Women, it was evident to me why I felt such a deep connection to this ancient knowledge. During my prenatal yoga training, I came across an image of a woman standing in a knee-depth creek, with two other women (possibly doulas) bracing her under the arms.  It was explained that connection with the water element, a vertical body position, circular movement from the hips, and loving support of other women was considered the optimal, most natural way of delivery of the child.  I had goosebumps when I read this and the instant, “I knew it!” feeling from deep within.  It is my sincere wish and prayer that these profound ancient practices are given back to women of our contemporary world plagued by artificiality disguised as advanced science.  

I hope that the experience shared above will inspire many young women to opt for a natural delivery (preferably without the neon lights and the usual hospital setup) and the most memorable divine experience behind it.  With proper breathing, mental and spiritual preparation, plus a good doula, childbirth can be one of the most spiritually profound experiences a woman can have. 

I once read a text about the deeper reasons behind the entire process of a baby’s passage through the birth canal.  I learned about this from a text I found online written by Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev, a famous Russian parapsychologist and writer who communicates with a lot of spiritual depth.  He generally gives a lot of importance to the diagnosis of karma, which he recognizes as the cause-and-effect dynamic behind all events occurring in a person’s life.  My intuition responded deeply to the words of Lazarev when he said that babies who pass through the birth canal, aside from all the regular benefits of natural childbirth (including the exposure to all the right bacteria that prepare the immune system, the natural process of squeezing out the amniotic fluid from baby’s lungs so that she or he can breathe better upon entering the world and have fewer respiratory problems), carry far less of a load of heavy karmas from the ancestors. He said that this was yet another profound mechanism given to us by our Creator as part of natural childbirth.  

Years later, I gained one important insight from Mohanji which I would like to share.  He said, “Every pregnancy is a contract.  If it’s not completed, it becomes a pending matter.  The appointed soul could hang on like a purposeless entity.”  It was only in 2020 when I got trained in an advanced method of deep energy work called Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM – first given to Ivana Kalinić from Serbia, who then trained five close devotees of Mohanji, including myself) that all six of us started noticing the pattern of issues that women who opted for abortion (or happened to have a miscarriage) displayed.  

I saw that when a woman aborted a child and then any time later got pregnant again, that child faced certain traumas in the womb.  It mainly happened that the spirit of the aborted child would disturb the new child in the womb because it felt its place was being taken.  During MTM, we would connect to the consciousness of Mohanji and then witness how he would first help the spirit of the aborted child to go into the light (several times I also saw him handing the child over into the golden, effulgent arms of Divine Mother) and then work on reducing the trauma of the child that was in the womb.  To sort out the karmic debt incurred by the soul of the aborted baby, the mother (and her partner in that pregnancy) was asked to do a charitable act at some orphanage or in any way help children without parents or children that felt abandoned and unloved.  I have decided to share this with utmost humility and no judgement toward mothers who have opted for abortion due to various complex circumstances of life. I honor everyone’s free will and choices in life. It is a great benefit that the morning-after pill has been included in contraceptive measures of the contemporary world and that contraception in general has improved.  In the spirit of this biography, I share the insights with the purest of intentions, insights that I find to be of value to people. I hope this sharing is understood in that light. 

Get the Devi’s book here, or here.

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