Probably all people in the world have some idea about sacred geometry, or at least, they are familiar with the term. It represents ancient knowledge taught in many schools in history, related to the creation of the Universe. When this knowledge is used correctly, it is possible to describe many phenomena: plant growth, human proportions, orbits, music, light, crystals, etc. It is also possible to use its patterns to change or shift the energy flow.

It is believed that this wisdom has its origins in ancient Egyptian mysteries schools, and was always guarded with special care.

From the story of Genesis, Jewish Kabbalah, Islamic Sufi tradition, to European Rosicrucians, and Sri Yantra used in the school of Hinduism, elements of sacred geometry are found everywhere. It inspired artists throughout history, and many of whom had access to this secret wisdom. From the seed of life to flower and tree of life we can recreate ourselves in flower of being.


Sacred geometry is there to remind us of our relationship to and union with the Divine/Whole.


But can it be used to improve the quality of our lives, environment, and technology today?


Yes, and the answer is BIO GEOMETRY. Like teachings on sacred geometry, the term and the modern science called Bio geometry also comes from Egypt and was founded by architect and scientist Dr Ibrahim Karim.

In his 40-year long research, Dr Karim was able to identify a unique energy effect found in the energetic centres of all living systems. This became the base for creating the science that has effectively been applied on a wide scale for the harmonization of the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (earth energy grids) on biological systems.

So, the point of this new science is to balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment? But can we see it in practice?

People of the small town of Hemberg, Switzerland, know that the answer to this question is yes. This story starts in 2003 when citizens of this area experienced sudden problems with sleep, nausea, headaches, and similar symptoms after a mobile antenna was placed in their town.


The task was big: to keep the antenna but not to harm the health of the residents. This was the first big break-through of Dr Karim’s work and his Bio Geometry received official recognition from the Swiss government.

Interesting results can also be seen in Dr Karim’s research project on hepatitis C. He gave 300 patients BioGeometrical coated aluminium pendants with BioSignatures engraved on them. An evaluation was based on the effect on the high level of liver ALT and AST enzymes, and patients were asked to carry the pendant for six months. BioGeometry achieved a 90% result, compared to other remedies that gained only 20-30%.

In his book Back to a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry, published in 2010, Dr Karim explains subtle energy qualities and how to achieve harmony between all elements. His science can be applied in animal farming, agriculture, automobile environment, cell phones, home, and personal solutions, to serious medical conditions.


The key is harmonization, bringing it in harmony with all others. It seems like ancient civilizations knew more about the use of these sacred techniques and wisdom since pieces of evidence could be found in all corners of the world. They managed to change the frequency and quality of the water using crystals; they knew how to use shapes to harmonize the environment and achieve great spiritual potential by use of sacred geometry only.

So what is going on today? We reject almost all of it under the statement pseudo-science. It is ancient wisdom. Are we wise for not giving it a chance? If it heals, why are we suppressing it?

When 5G hits all corners of our society, maybe we will find a way to treasure and explore it a bit more.


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