Written by Cab Van Elk

These are tumultuous times – during which we are prone to be hypnotized by the over-abundance of events and information in our daily lives. Luckily for us readers, the power of the written or spoken word can be exactly the compact and convenient solution we need for inner peace.

We just need to be honest with ourselves, focus, and regulate our in-take. Which is why I would like to recommend an eye-opening, compiled work like Mohanji’s “The Power of Purity” 

It’s a special month as we celebrate Mohanji’s birthday. So, I chose to review this foundational work, alongside a personal recollection of my first encounters with Mohanji’s messages.

First and foremost the striking thing about Mohanji for me, is that he does not want to apply the label of “guru” or “teacher”. In the same vein he also does not want people to see his written work as teachings, because this implies too many pre-conceived restrictions. No – Mohanji’s work is a ground-level communication with us all as humans. He is a human like all of us and he is a friend to the world. Like all of us, a big part of Mohanji’s life has been of this earth. Which is why Power of Purity carries such a strong meaning to me, both as a body of work and meditating practice.

I myself, am also human. But what does that mean? And what is the meaning of living a life of “purity”?

In society, in business, even in familial structures we are prone to the practise of wearing a mask. For many of us it is not as much a choice we make, initially, as what it is a condition of our environment and the habits and practices of those around us. This is a concept we are all familiar with, at least on some level.

Even I was aware of it – however I had no idea of the depth that this adoption carries. But let me go back a few years, closer to the publication of the first print of today’s discussed compendium of valuable discourses.

It was around 2012.

I was invited to a small group meditation to Mohanji’s “Power of Purity” messaging at an old friend’s home. At the time,  I attended these few sessions once a week with an ex-partner of mine, with whom I had been in a somewhat stable relationship for a few years at that point. We both believed this was something which was helpful to us as individuals – which it turned out to be for completely different reasons.

To apply some context and not to dwell on the past – since the start of the relationship I had been wearing a mask. Not as some form of deception, but as a means of striving to be some enhanced version of myself. This was successful in the beginning. However, we had been striving towards different goals and wanted to attain different levels of growth at different periods in our lives all along. This was something that was so deeply entrenched in us that it took us years to unearth it and realise that this is what was happening. By the time we had decided to join these guided meditations once a week, the seeds of doubt about our relationship were starting to sprout under the surface – without us even knowing it.

We were starting to look past the masks we had both been wearing and seeing ourselves for the first time in a long time.

This was the most valuable thing that could have happened to me as an individual. I cannot even vicariously imagine what that first and second Power of Purity session felt like for my former partner, and what unimaginable lengths it opened up our respective inner abilities to find strength by finding purity. To take off the societal mask of habit and to break the patterns of reality we were feeding ourselves – by letting go of the past.

I can only account for myself and the experience of my own nourishing rambunctuous silence of universal wisdom that wrapped warmly around my shoulders like gilded epaulettes of pure flowing strength and freedom.

During one particular session I experienced myself outside of my own body for the first time ever during a meditation. It was during the established mental excursion, guided by Mohanji’s voice, that I alighted into this vast green open world I called home somewhere in my mind, thanks to the guided energy of the meditation. This verdant world, with its soft majestic waterfalls and open skies and painted, soft cumulonimbus daubs that causes the slight leak of an enlightened and awestruck tear, from the bewildered and euphoric eye. Every time.

However, this particular visit was different. I felt myself truly of this universe. One with it. As we are all one with the world. No more masks – just my own self in this infinite loop of wisdom I felt channelled into.

I had heard and processed the affirmation before, as the guide included manifesting each prominent individual in your life that has taught you something or given you something. Keep in in mind that even those who hurt you have something to teach. This had been a part of the process before but it was as if my mind was not ready to accept it yet. But during this one instance where I was truly outside of my own mortal coil, I really felt this practice manifest a new reality, and I accessed a new version of myself organically – instead of having to wear a mask.

The practise was simple, but it changed me, and it changed my relationship – we both came to realise what we were not able to afford one another, realistically. We had both grown tremendously as people, but now it was time to be our own authentic selves, and this is something that I wish every single person out there could hope to experience and adopt as a new truth for themselves.

“Sorrows have a gravitational value… it expands us.”

Some of us wear masks for too long and completely forget who we are. What happens is we start acting and living a life according to this mask, and we start feeding that false version of ourselves as if it were real. We steal true happiness from ourselves this way.

As Mohanji says “Life is a bundle of experiences from birth to death…” yet “… we are so entrenched in the habits of our past that it eclipses our present, which influences our future…” so to live a life of purity you have to detach yourself from the past and break the cycle of habit. “We are not our patterns and emotions, we are not the binding soft life, we are free, and we have every right to live free, and we have every right to die free…”.

It dawned on me that this mask was my ego in disguise. This “perfect” version of myself was flawed and thus the intention behind my relationship was flawed. I still see so many people in this situation who don’t know how to grow together but they are stuck together out of habit. Too afraid of the sense of loss and grief at ending the relationship or making a big change out of their comofrt zone.

I am so grateful I have experienced the Power of Purity meditations and read this book. I now am closer to knowing how it is to live a life of pure intentions, pure vision, and purity in thoughts into action. There is still a lot more to work on for me personally, but for all of this I have my trusty copy of this book ready on my phone to read whenever I can.

I highly recommend you do the same.

“Actualise life today. Realise life today. Accept life today. Respect life today. That’s the most important thing right now.”

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