In Celebration of Humanity and Respect In Dubrovnik, Croatia

Written by Sanja Stankovic

Humanity is witnessing a momentous change in our history today. Despite the significant advancement in technology and human living conditions in the past decades, we have also unleashed a destructive force on all of nature, and onto ourselves. World wars, pandemics, destruction of rainforests and oceans, displacements, natural calamities, riots, and many other man-made disasters have affected all life on this planet. 

The fundamental root cause of all that is happening is the erosion of respect humans should have for each other, for nature, and for our planet. What we respect, we also protect. When we lose respect, we fall prey to our greed and insecurities. Through our reckless materialistic way of life, we have failed to protect what should be protected the most – life itself – life in all forms on this planet.

This pandemic has taught us that we simply cannot continue to live life the way we used to. We have taken so many things for granted. Because of exploitation, our relationships, freedom to socialize, our lives, and the enjoyment of everything that the world and Mother Earth have provided for us has been endangered.

During this global crisis, we learned that we can indeed live without many things; but we cannot live without RESPECT.

World Consciousness Alliance organized a two-day Festival – Respect 2021: Festival of Art and Music to celebrate and bring forth the “Culture of RESPECT” to humanity through the medium of Art & Music.

This fundraising event supported charity initiatives of ACT Foundation in Croatia and ACT Foundation South Africa, which are currently supporting families and children who are victims of violence (South Africa) and who are affected by the earthquake and left without a home (Croatia). (see more about ACT Foundation:

On the first day of the event (29th August), lovers of Art engaged in an online auction of artwork pieces, donated by established artists: Ivona Pleskonja (painter), Damir Šagolj (Reuters photojournalist, Pulitzer award 2017), Nikola Krivokapić (graphic art), Biljana Cincarević (painter), Brian Rasic (photographer) and Foundation of Mersad Berber.

On the second day of the Festival (30th August) participants enjoyed a benefit concert with performers: NenoBelan&Fiumens, Ines Trickovic jazz trio, Jelena Fassbender, Graham Caldwell and AsalSinanović.

Fundraised money was directed towards ACT Foundation (in Croatia and Africa); what an amazing way to celebrate humanity – by showing solidarity to those in need.

Sponsors of the festival: Opereta Nekretnine (Zagreb, Croatia), 4 Sobegospođe Safije  (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jana water, Jamnica (Zagreb, Croatia), KatijaŽivković Photography  (Dubrovnik, Croatia), Hello Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik, Croatia), Adriatic Sunsets  Tour Agency (Dubrovnik, Croatia), PR agency Manjgura HR (Zagreb, Croatia) and Sankhya Candles  (Subotica, Serbia).

World Consciousness Alliance is already planning their next events in the series planned for 2021 on a theme of respect and solidarity towards nations and countries that need support. Would you like to be a part of spreading the culture of RESPECT AND SOLIDARITY? Then join the WCA movement and support the causes by volunteering, performing on their event or donating. Check out their social media:


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