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This is a very exciting time to be alive. Evolved mankind is capable of attaining much more than we ever thought – whether this be in the spheres of our immediate self such as physically, intellectually, and emotionally improving our lives , or for the greater good of ALL on this planet including amongst others creating brilliant innovations, magnanimous architecture and eco-friendly cities, environmental and ecological change, fighting for animal rights and many more – but currently what has presented itself to those who have the awareness and karmic allowance to see is the need to increase our frequency levels.

Frequency levels you may ask? I only knew frequency to be the channel that I was searching for in my car for my favourite radio station! [Chuckles]! For those who are not yet awoke or aware of this term in the circle of human existence, the below is a means to help humans understand how frequency is connected to such questions such as where we come from, who are we and what is the basic creation of all other manifested elements on our planet and the rest of the universe. Also why is raising our frequency important? Let us begin firstly by asking the question…

Why is Raising our frequency Important?

Since before the year 2012, during and currently post 2012, there have been many a talk surrounding a huge “shift” in the earth’s energy  – stemming from numerous ancient civilisation texts such as the use of the Mayan Calendar, certain Biblical references to a change and even the analysis of Vedic planetary alignments indicating the forthcoming shift energetically. Some sources as we would know were all based on hype and misinterpretation which generated much confusion and panic on our earthly plane, whilst on the other hand true and Divine knowledge has come our way through immense Grace and Love from the higher Masters and Source itself, enlightening us on something important.

One Such Passage on signs of the times is verbalized by Spiritual Master: Bramarishi Mohanji as follows:


In an attempt to shed some light on Frequency (in its most basic form) – we can look at this from 2 angles: Physically and Meta Physically – albeit this is not an elaborate scientific read.


We shall begin by looking at the Human Body. Let us take your hand for example – Your hand is made up of various elements, your skin as one. Your skin is then also further made up of various elements (will not include a biological explanation here) but all these boil down further to Skin Cells. Similarly bones are made up of bone cells, muscles of muscle cells, nerve of nerve cells and so forth. From here you will understand that our entire body is made up of cells. So now what are cells made up of? Cells are made up of protein, water and other DNA/ RNA elements… but then what are these elements made up of? Elements consist of the various molecules in the periodic table such as Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and other elements. Further down we have broken these molecules into something we call Atoms and lastly you may thinking where does this end, but these atoms are finally broken down into Subatomic particles that consist of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons.



How does Frequency relate to Atoms?  

To understand Frequency – we have to understand the Atom and the particles that make up the atom along with how they function and provide energy (the link between atoms and frequency).

The Atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons are in a state of a positive charge and Electrons have a negative charge, neutrons do not have any electrical charge to them (The intricate details here on how energy is actually generated will not be discussed here and you are more than welcome to check out for more info – website currently being developed for your use!).

As Atoms have an electrical charge and electrons are constantly in motion generating energy this is then established that atomic structures are energy – and if you go up the ladder to your cells and body, you will then realise that you are also pure energy! NB: Quantum Physics is still investigating the unknown force behind why Electrons are constantly in motion (the reason why atoms have energyJ) and this is where your own spiritual inquest shall benefit you in terms of allowing you to ‘feel’ rather than only relying on the intellect in your path of evolution.


So if you are energy, how does this still relate to Frequency?

Using a scientific approach – the study of quantum mechanics have equated the electrons of the atom to embody a wavelength structure and not so much as an individual particle – again Quantum Physics is currently using the intellect to understand as close as possible the actual workings of the universe by closely examining the atomic structure. The furthest any “regular” human being has ever come to understanding this energy was Nikola Tesla – a man renowned for inventing wireless electricity harnessing the power of energy miles before his time.

Now, back to waves or wavelengths – The number of wavelengths recorded in a time frame of a second is the frequency of that atom, and the higher the number of the waves per second-the higher the frequency of the atom, thus the higher the energy of the atom.

Frequency is measured in hertz and this is currently the method of measuring for example the energy of food, your body, your environment and so forth.

In short, in the case of your physical body, many diseases have been a result of 4 main causes:

  1. The frequency/energy of food that you ingest
  2. The level of physical exercise that one engages in
  3. Your karmic baggage
  4. The state of your mental body (which we shall briefly touch on in the Metaphysical section below).


Metaphysically/ Spiritually:

Following the “Physical” scientific explanation of Frequency in the above section, one would beg the question “Well if I am energy made up purely of atoms, and the table next to me is also made up of atoms, then how I am I different? Surely I am different as I am a walking, talking, sentient human being?”

The answer to this lies in understanding the underlying creation of human existence.

A human birth in simple terms has 5 different layers/ bodies to our existence:

  • The Physical Body (Annamaya Kosha)
  • The Energy Body (Pranamaya Kosha)
  • The Mental Body (Manomaya Kosha)
  • The Wisdom Body (Vijnanamaya Kosha)
  • The Causal Body (Anandamaya Kosha)
  • The Atman – The Soul (not a body)

This is important to understand when it comes to raising our Frequency as all these bodies are storage compartments for a future manifestation of events as well as ingredients for either lowering or increasing your frequency.

Basic Examples are (Please contact Pure Jovial for more info):

  • Causal Body – The root of every manifestation in one’s life is due to the impressions stored in this layer.
  • Physical Body – Violently sourced Foods, Toxic personal care/ household products and our environment can actually affect the charge of your cell (affecting your frequency).
  • Energy Body – These are the meridians and chakras that are directly linked to the physical body manifestation of disease. Caused by blockages in the mental body described below.
  • Mental Body – This is the seat for emotional storage – Anger, hate, fear, stress, love, compassion, happiness and so forth.
  • Wisdom Body – Various Concepts, Prejudices, Judgements and an analytical bias of the world around you (and within you) can hinder higher vibrational frequencies.


Whilst being aware of the science behind the term “Frequency”, it is highly important that one would need to connect to their own source of the divine – and this could be from any path that you are on. As faith, love, devotion, purity, harmony, gratitude, kindness, compassion, selflessness, sensitivity, generosity, understanding, hard work, respect, determination, conviction, consistency and Grace among many others play a more powerful role in the elevation of ones frequency.


On a more practical and supportive note, here are some tangible means and guided awareness into many aspects of our lives that we can do to elevate ourselves:


While we are also aware of the components that can elevate us, we should also be aware of those elements that decrease our awareness/ frequency.

These include but are not limited to:

Mental Body Storage of emotions such as anger, greed, hatred, depression, sadness, anxiety, guilt, grief, jealousy, rage, fear and so on.

Energy Body Storage of mental body emotions affect the energy body, this could also be affected by not enough exercise that is needed to circulate your prana/ energy. Stagnant Energy can be caused by trapped emotions and trapped emotions can also stay due to lack of physical movement.

Physical Body Storage of foods such as violent foods (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Eggs), Toxic Foods such as GMOs, artificial chemicals and preservatives, Processed “Food”, Non organic produce, chemical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, industrial packaging leaks into our food system and so on.

Intellectual/Wisdom Body: Judgements, prejudices, concepts, insensitivity, non-compassion, indifference, ignorance, selfishness, betrayal, manipulation, deceit and other non-desirable …

Causal/ Karmic Body: This is merely a container for all the desires, impressions and inclinations/ tendencies that are bound to be manifested in ones human birth. Excessive/ overindulging in any desire is itself a lack of awareness over one’s senses and thus one leads a life controlled by the senses. Humans have the ability to practice and grow awareness when it comes to overindulgence in anythingJ.

While the subject of Energy/ Awareness /Frequency can be discussed at length to probably no end, it is time that we familiarise ourselves now with as much as we can and connect to higher frequencies to move to the next level of evolution.



With much Reverence and Devotion to my Guru Mohanji, Stay elevated in much Love and Light.

Sameera Khan


Author: Sameera Khan is based in the most southern tip of Africa being the friendly country – South Africa. She always had a passion and dedication for business whilst living a healthy lifestyle. She is first and foremost fully dedicated to her Guru Bramarishi Mohanji with the rest of life well pretty much lived in accordance with his blessed teachings.

Dance is her first love, with Traditional Yoga coming in soon after.  She has completed her Bcom Honours Degree in Marketing at The University of Johannesburg with Nutrition, Physical Science and Kalari courses in the pipeline. Vedic Astrology is also one of her passions and she has been deeply engrained in this divine science since 2014. Inspired to start her own business when she was diagnosed with 2 stage away from cancer in 2015, Pure Jovial has been a creation long awaited!


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