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Never has a man been so close to the possibility of advancing his development as he was at the moment he found out about the existence, contents, and purpose of the places of power. Therefore the book “Places of Power” you are writing is of priceless importance, for it shall open the eyes of a large number of people and show them the path they should follow.

  • message from a spiritual being to Ljubiša Stojanović

In the last edition of The Awakening Times dedicated to Sathya Sai Baba, we introduced the readers to an enlightened Master from Serbia called Ljubiša Stojanović. He was initiated into enlightenment by Baba due to all the time he invested in researching spirituality, healing people, and most importantly –  finishing the book Places of Power.

This is one of the most important books in human history, because never before the publication of this book had there been such extensive knowledge about these important holy places. Maybe some of the realised beings on Earth knew a thing or two about Places of Power, but they did not write about it.

Our readers might be familiar with some of these places due to the teachings of their gurus, by this I am mostly talking about Kailash. Whether you are a devotee of Mohanji, Sadhguru, Sai Baba, or just a spiritual explorer in general and a curious cat, you have probably heard about the significance of Kailash, the energies that reside there and how they can positively influence the spiritual advancement of a person.

However, Kailash – even though it is special, is not the only important place. It is just one of many, about a hundred I believe – Places of Power.

So what is a Place of Power?

In this article, instead of directly translating the original information from the book, I will try to simplify it for the readers, keeping in mind they are not familiar with Ljubiša Stojanović.

We have mentioned the luminous body in the previous article. A luminous body is an energy structure in the shape of a yellowish sphere connected to every human being. There is a literal energy rope that connects the person and his luminous body.

Our luminous body is our main spiritual guide in all our incarnations, and it is also the link between this and all the previous lifetimes. After we die, the luminous body preserves the memory of a certain incarnation, even though the ‘’soul’’ of the person does not remember anything.

The more we develop in a certain incarnation, the more we develop our luminous body. Our creative actions that lead to positive changes in society are the most important factors of development.

So, how is this energy structure, this luminous body, our guardian angel so to speak, and our link to all of our previous lifetimes, connected to Places of Power?

Have you ever wondered what enlightened people do after they die? If they have no physical body, how do they look like and where do they reside?

Well, after enlightenment, if the person decides to use their paranormal powers and wisdom creatively to help mankind, their luminous body matures and they are born no more in the physical realm. Not only does their guide mature, but also the person responsible for it, starts living and thinking as a luminous body. Therefore, after enlightenment and full maturation of a person spiritually, their creative activity to help mankind, we get not just one mature luminous body – our guide’s graduation, but two mature luminous bodies, because we get one too as the one responsible for this accomplishment.

Two mature luminous bodies, our guide and ourselves

However, contrary to popular belief, a person can reach enlightenment and they will still have to be born again unless they use that state of enlightenment to help mankind and mature their luminous body. This is one of the biggest traps in spirituality. A lot of people decide to just enjoy the state of nirvana, without helping anyone. They think their job is done. Imagine their surprise when they found out they had to be born again due to their inactivity after enlightenment.

So, after the death of an enlightened person that was active and creative with their powers and wisdom, two mature luminous bodies go to these places called Places of Power. These are usually old temples, but not necessarily.

How does that help us and why is that significant for the pilgrim?

It would take too much time to describe all the benefits that a person receives from visiting Places of Power, but one of the most important benefits is imbuement with mature luminous bodies.

When we visit one of these places, naturally our luminous body comes with us, because due to the energy rope, it cannot ever be more than 300 metres away from us.

During the first minutes of the visitation, the mature luminous bodies of that Place of Power will check the level of our luminous body to see if it is ready to receive knowledge from them.

If our luminous body is developed enough, but also – if our aura is pure enough, if our nervous system is functioning at a high level (meaning we have to be in great health) – then we get an imbuement. Only one out of ten thousand people receive even one imbuement, however, due to them not being healthy enough or not having the right level of spirituality.

This imbuement can be imagined, in modern terms, as some sort of a download process of data, of knowledge. It is as if some Master from the past has used Wi-Fi to transfer some of his knowledge to you. But, this knowledge cannot be received if your system is functioning poorly.

Other than luminous bodies, each Place of Power has three main energy fields that only exist on Places of Power and nowhere else on Earth. These three main energy fields are Light, Peace, and Presence of the Creator.

We will not go into detail on what exactly these energy fields do, but it is important to know that even if you are one of many that don’t have the necessary level for imbuement, your visitation to a Place of Power will still reap tremendous benefits, due to spending a couple of hours inside of these energy fields.

These fields help the person to heal certain ailments, but they also subconsciously inform the person on what they need to do before the next visit to have better results. Also, the mood of the person and their creative desire is increased in the months following the visitation.

Each Place of Power has these main ingredients, the three fields and the mature luminous bodies. In addition to that, there can be other fields present at the location of the Place of Power, fields created either by priests/yogis/mystics, etc. that had lived there, or fields created by luminous bodies. These are usually energy fields designed to heal certain ailments, but the purpose of these energies can also be different – for example, some fields can be created to help the visitors calm down, to create a sense of respect for the place, to deter an army from attacking the temple, etc.

All of the luminous bodies at Places of Power have the same basic level of knowledge, but they also have specific knowledge, depending on the culture they came from, depending on the activity of the people responsible for the maturation of these bodies.

For example, let’s imagine a pilgrim decides to visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome.

Above that place there are dozens of luminous bodies, floating above the Chapel like a flock. Two of these luminous bodies belong to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo (four if we count both their guide and their luminous bodies).

Let’s say you meet the requirements for imbuement. During this visit, Leonardo and Michelangelo, besides transferring some basic knowledge, also transfer specific knowledge known to them, knowledge about art and beauty.

After this visitation, if your connection to your subconscious is clear enough, meaning your own luminous body can transfer the knowledge it had received from these enlightened artists of the past to you personally, you will gain a better understanding of art and beauty.

This is the reason why visitations to Places of Power are so important. Not only do they give you a direction in which to go, but also you can receive knowledge from the Masters of the past. On a certain Place of Power, you will get this understanding of art, and yet on another, you might get a better sense of rhythm, on another a sense of altruism, or a better understanding of peace and honour, etc.

Your favourite author at the Place of Power Aphrodite’s Beach, Cyprus

I hope this information finds you well dear reader, as it is the best Christmas gift I could think of.

Enjoy the holidays,


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  1. Without Dr. Stoyanovic’s deep brainwave meditation technique it is hard to discern places of power. He alludes to his secret technique in the book but never reveals it. We can only use our shallow intuition to try and find these places beyond the specific sites he describes. There is no word of his meditation method to be found.

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