What it Means to Live with a Master

I was fortunate to live with Mohanji when I was a part of His personal team, even though for only a few weeks. Being so close to Him is a very rare opportunity. It is very difficult to get it. It is very difficult to keep up with it too, because living with Him is like living with a tornado, so fast and dynamic. Time with Him wipes away our inertia.

In His daily life, Mohanji looks like an ordinary man. He doesn’t speak much, except when giving important guidance. Sometimes, in casual moments when He is free, which is so rare for Him because He travels 365 days a year, we sit around Him and He tells us stories. We always learn something, but not everything we gained from Him didn’t come from words. It’s His lifestyle that shaped us.

For example, He has His style for everything, be it connected to travel or His other ways of functioning. He is always simple and practical. He also isn’t too particular about food or comfort. He doesn’t care what He will eat or whether He will get enough sleep. One of His characteristics is being accurate. He doesn’t like to be late anywhere or keep anyone waiting.

Another thing is compassion with no expectation with it. Whoever came to Him, He accepted. In my early days with Mohanji, I generally had a very low opinion about people. My mind was clouded with stored limitations. I had my picture of what people are like, what types of people exist, and this was based on prejudice and/or past experience. If a person behaved in a certain way, I’d immediately categorize them in the bucket that I created with my mind. All people have many dimensions. People are not only one dimension. Just because we know our mother is our mother, or our sibling is our sibling to us, we should be aware that that’s not their only dimension, all have multiple dimensions. My time with Mohanji shed my prejudice and helped me understand this. Limitations were getting broken and the quality of my experiences became better.

With Mohanji, I gained understanding, acceptance and clarity about myself and people. In theory we may say we know this, but with Mohanji everything that prevents freedom gets destroyed immediately. I started handling life as it comes; I stopped having prejudice IN ADVANCE, fear IN ADVANCE. If it happens, fine, I deal with it, but I stopped bringing yesterday and tomorrow to this moment. This made me fresh to handle every day with stability.

Another thing that happens in Mohanji’s presence is this: All of us are a mixture of three so-called “gunas” – tamas, rajas and sattva. Tamas is the slowest part of us – inertia, laziness, tendency to gossip, complain, blame, judge, hate etc.

Rajas is action with expectation – we do something and we expect it to be good or to be appreciated. If it isn’t, we are depressed. We put effort into a relationship and we glue expectations to it, and if it doesn’t happen the way we expected, we are affected.

The third “guna” is sattva – action without expectation. This doesn’t mean we are escaping from something. We are totally active in the world, but all our actions are 100% selfless and we have no expectations.

All of us are a mixture of all three. They are not bad. There is also a state called Turiya, a state beyond the 3 gunas. Those who settled in Turiya never go back to states related to the previously mentioned gunas. They are never affected, completely stable.

With Mohanji, we are only in sattva, all the time, 24/7. It’s not possible to be in tamas, to delay, postpone, gossip, there is zero opportunity for that. There is also no space for Rajas, because all expectations are blown away.

What does that give you? Strength, stability and no dependency on the world outside, while still living in it fully. This is not escapism. You become immune to disappointments because there are no expectations. No expectations doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means stability and flexibility. Automatically, there will be less pain and suffering.

Living with Mohanji made me stronger in every way. I used to be disorganized and my life was slow, confused, with no purpose and motivation. That changed. With Him, you cannot predict anything, nothing is certain, we won’t know where we will be tomorrow. There is no guarantee for anything, even for spiritual progress. He has never promised spiritual growth to anybody. But He always provides chances like a tree which will not grow fruit, but you have to pluck it, chew it, eat it and digest it. Every second, His presence transforms.

He doesn’t even have to do anything. His presence burns our residues if we do not block that from happening with our prejudices, doubts, resistance to letting go, inhibitions, and fears. Even though we serve Mohanji as a team, there is no guarantee that we will physically be with Him. Sometimes unexpected things happen and shake our expectations. Sometimes egos are hurt. With a master, we should be alert, aware, and make sure no opportunity is lost to be close to Him.

One funny fact is that many people think masters like Mohanji will tell everything we need to know. Not really, they often don’t say. It’s our lion-roaring determination that can get us closer to understanding somebody like Mohanji. I never wasted a chance to be in Mohanji’s presence whenever I could, even when it was very difficult, I had determination because I know a birth like His is rare.

As a Mai-Tri practitioner, a method of energy cleansing that channels Mohanji’s energy, I gained further insights into how Mohanji releases people from lifetimes of burden, while He’s not even physically near them. He works through Mai-Tri practitioners in sessions that cleanse deeply rooted patterns and other stagnating factors from people.

One lady who came to me for Mai-Tri had a difficult life, blockages that brought her painful experiences. In her previous lives she was a slave and was treated very badly by her owners of that time, and in this life, she was treated similarly. Through Mai-Tri, people and situations in her life started changing and her mental state changed from a victim to a very stable person. She had more self-love, self-confidence and she started respecting her womanhood, towards which she used to have a lot of resistance.

For another lady, through Mai-Tri, Mohanji released her from anxiety, fears and blockages and gave her a new purpose, diluting the stagnating patterns. She had a lot of resistance towards life, which changed after the sequence of Mai-Tri sessions. She gained back her confidence and stability. One time, she said she hadn’t smiled in months, even if something was funny; she was like a plant moving from point A to point B every day. With Mai-Tri, she experienced great unburdening and gained lightness.

I am humbled to have had the opportunity to meet many people through the five years of my Mai-Tri practice, and be the instrument of their lives changing so drastically. I am also happy to actively support the platforms that Mohanji founded such as Early Birds Club, which proved to help many in times of crisis. I can confidently say that my life is fulfilled and my purpose is clear because of Mohanji. He is the light of our lives and that’s where my home is.

Happy 10th anniversary of your great work for the world, Mohanji. Thank you for walking with us!

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