The July full moon belongs to the Guru. It is a day in which we honor and connect to the Guru, which is a reflection of our highest selves, a reminder of our highest potential, and an expression of unconditional love. Here Constant Reader, is Mohanji’s (the inspiration behind The Awakening Times) message to us all on this most auspicious of days.

Namaste (traditionally used in India to indicate respectful greeting) to all of you, wish you a great Guru Pūrṇimā (full moon associated with the Guru) a very happy Guru Pūrṇimā. This full moon enhances the energy in you, and let that energy enhance your purpose of life, the purpose to become complete and full, that means: to become a Guru. Not in the external sense, but inside, that means actualising yourself inside. May you have that power, energy and determination on this day. Guru Pūrṇimā. is a reminder that we are made of 2 aspects, there are many aspects, but 2 particular aspects: If we talk in gross terms, one is the gross body, which is the physical body, and the other is the subtle body, which operates the gross body. 

As we shift more and more, to the awareness of the subtle body, we start experiencing the power and energy which is permeating all over the world. That energy which operates our body, operates every plant, tree, bird, animal; everything. Once we start experiencing the subtle aspect of ourselves more and more, we start experiencing life in its completion. Otherwise, we do not experience life at all, we only experience life through our mind, which is our emotions, needs, desires, fears, all these things, and we think this is life. Unfortunately, we do not even try to understand that this is not life. Even if Enlightened Masters who have attained the subtle, tell the world that there is much more depth to life, we may not perceive it, we may not understand it, we rather go to temples and pray to some external God, or churches or mosques, or anywhere for the external aspect; we always cultivate the external. Instead, we should start cultivating the internal, start connecting to the energy inside, which is activating the mind, which is activating thoughts, which is activating the body, which is activating everything that you are in this world, or what you will experience in this world. 

Just like our body is activated by the subtle, all the beings outside are activated by their own subtles. So, what you see as forms are just the shell, but there is a subtle, which is activating that life, and when it leaves, we call it a dead body. So, when we start understanding the subtle more and more, when we start realizing and seeing the subtle, more and more, we will have no conflicts, there’ll be no wars, no fights, there will be no discrimination because all the creation has value, everybody has value, nothing in this world is without value. All these beings have opted to come here; chosen a birth. 

We must be very thankful and grateful that we are alive here with all these flora and fauna, with all these multiple varieties, and we will be very happy that we are enjoying them now. It’s our right to enjoy them. For that, we need to have the right understanding, the right awareness, the right attitude. Because today what we see in the world are differences, fights, separation, wars, distractions, destabilization, so many aspects which are destabilizing our life. We don’t need them. If we understand who we truly are, if we start connecting to the subtle aspect, the Guru aspect within, we will never, ever fight with anything, we will never feel a separation, we will respect all beings, we will accept everything that happens in life as a chosen experience. They are all chosen experiences; the entire Destiny path from birth till death are chosen experiences, they are chosen. It’s time for us to think and understand, let this day be a good day for it, it’s a good day for it; Guru Poornima: the birth of yourself, the birth of the Guru aspect within you. Let that awareness flourish inside you, and have that awareness that all these are just a drama around us. We are just playing roles. The one that activates us, or energizes us to play this role, is the real thing which has no death: imperishable. 

In other words, there is an immortal aspect in us which is the real aspect, what is perishable, what is changing, will go sooner or later, today or tomorrow. If we don’t have to really bank on this, or we don’t have to really depend on this, or cultivate love or hate towards it, for something changing, we are loving and hating things which are changing, the very aspect which creates love and hate are also changing: the mind. The mind is changing, thoughts are changing, intellect is changing, awareness is changing. But what is the unchangeable part? The energy that runs the show, that connection is the real connection. That understanding is the real understanding. That journey is a real journey towards that understanding. 

I wish all of you to have that greater awareness and understanding and a clear purpose; clarity of purpose, towards that understanding, so that you will feel contented, happy, satisfied and settled in this life. When you’re settled within, anything happening outside will not affect you. You are fully happy and settled inside. That’s the state of great masters, they are settled inside, they are settled in their own subtle, sūkṣma, very stable; stable settlement, stability, state of Śiva, state of Gurus, and whatever they show; express, are just reflections, they are not that. Whatever they reflect, will probably correspond to what comes in front of them, just like a mirror they deliver and show what the others are as they come. If somebody comes with anger, they express anger, they are not angry, they’re just reflecting the attitude or the constitution of the person visiting them. Usually, if nothing is there, they are just love. You will just be love. You are love. Love is all that exists, there is nothing else, not even a pebble we can own from here. No ownership is valid here. We cannot own anything. This earth cannot be owned. It was there before us, Earth will be there after us. This house, the place, our house, our places, our relationships, everything is passing while we are here, without conflicts, without discrimination, without fights, anger, separation, hatred. 

Let us love. Let us be love. We are love. Let us express that. And that’s exactly what the Guru Principle is: Humility, low awareness, oneness, togetherness in that sense, and also complete stability. I wish you that. Wish you a great Guru Pūrṇimā and I wish you great health, happiness, peace and everything that’s good for your enlightenment; enhancement to higher awareness. 
I love you. And I’m always there with you. Lots of love. Namaste.

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