wish all of you a very happy Janmashtami. Lord Krishna, an enigma, an avatar; human par excellence. What he is not, it’s very difficult to say; a child, a friend, a lover, a lord, a king, a politician, a husband, you name it. In every aspect of life, he excelled Whenever I remember Lord Krishna,

I always feel a kind of excitement. Imagine that he lived thousands of years ago, but we feel great excitement even now when we think about him. What an incarnation! Have we seen any such incarnations at all? It’s not easy. To excel in every aspect of life, it takes an avatar.

Dharmic Births

Avataric births, as we know, are dharmic births; they’re born for the sake of preservation of dharma, righteousness, righteous duties. He came, and he never left. Even now, we experience Krishna Consciousness. When we think about him, when we remember him, when we remember his stories, it inspires us, makes us alive, and brings life in us. That’s what one avatar like Krishna can do to the world.


During the Janmashtami, on Janmashtami day, my daughter Ammu died in 2000. It was on that day. So, almost all Janmashtamis, I perform her rituals. So, I naturally associate Janmashtami with the death of Ammu. But again, nothing is by accident. Everything has a deep meaning. Everything has a purpose. Without purpose, nothing happens in life; nothing happens in the world.

I always believe that there is a higher purpose behind everything. Every happiness, every sorrow, every situation has a higher purpose. Krishna’s birth, life, and exit from the physical form displayed that perfection, that purpose. Krishna is purpose. We are purpose; our life has a purpose. Everything that happens every moment determines that purpose. Experience is purpose. Everything is a purpose.

What Triggers this Puropse?

Supreme consciousness. Supreme consciousness, which is ever-present here, there, and everywhere, guides us, leads us, or activates us. A personification of supreme consciousness is Lord Krishna.

Supreme Parabrahma is coming in a form for the sake of righteousness, preserving dharma on Earth and, in that context, spreading brightness through centuries, through eras, yugas, and being alive in thousands of minds. What else can we ask for? An avataric birth and still bringing light to thousands of minds. It’s an inspiration; thinking about him is an inspiration.

Today, we see lots of anguish, anger, hatred, displacements, deaths in the name of man-made divisions. We have divided this Earth into many pieces for the sake of personal greed, selfishness, so on and so forth.

This birth of Krishna should be in our hearts. Krishna united people, united mankind, waged wars to preserve dharma. We should preserve dharma. There should be no displacement; there should be no calamities, no deaths, no cruelty, no violence. There should be perfect peace on Earth. We can create heaven on Earth. That’s what Krishna reminds us.

Krishna is You

Krishna is beauty. Krishna is romance. Krishna is love; Krishna is compassion. Krishna is everything positive, the highest of human aspiration. Krishna is YOU. So, we have to live ‘Krishna’. We have to love as Krishna. We have to be Krishna all the time. That Krishna is born today. Let it take place in our hearts. Our heart is the cradle, and Krishna is the supreme consciousness, brightness, love, compassion, selflessness, nonviolence; this is what is born inside us. Feel it.

God is feeling. God has to be felt; Krishna has to be felt. Through our own actions, through our behaviour, patterns, character, constitution, life, we should express Krishna. Krishna lives, and Krishna will always live. As long as we exist, as long as we believe in ourselves, as long as we believe in the birth of supreme consciousness within us, Krishna will live.

Aham Brahmasmi

I wish all of you a great Krishna Janmashtami. May you be bright and bright and brighter than the brightest. May you always attain the highest experience from human life, not just eat, drink, sleep and die. Experience this supreme consciousness, the Father of it all.

I wish you that capacity, that reminder. Krishna’s birth will bring that reminder of who we actually are: Aham Brahmasmi, I am the consciousness. That experience must happen. It’s not words; words are powerless; experience/feeling is powerful, thoughts are even more powerful than words in that context.

Let Krishna be in your thoughts, always; let Krishna be in your awareness always. Be Krishna, be as Krishna.

I wish you Krishna consciousness. I wish you a great life ahead. I wish you a great Krishna Janmashtami.

Originally published August 28, 2021 on Mohanji’s Q&A and Satsang site: https://mohanji.org/blogs/satsangs/2021/08/28/krishna-consciousness-2021/

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