According to the Vedas, all conscious entities are subject to the laws of karma. Simply put, karma means
that all your actions have some ramification. It affects the doer of the action at a future time. So, if you
harm someone now, you will have to undergo some suffering later.
Scientifically also, the law of karma is validated. In physics, Newton’s third law explains that there is an
equal and opposite reaction for every action. This validates the concept of karma, which explains that
there is a consequence, negative or positive for our every action. While many scientists apply this in the
area of material objects, few are aware that this theory is also validated in the realm of consciousness.
Many animals are killed every day. People do not care to know that the animals are conscious living
entities, similar to us. According to the Bhagavad Gita 14.3-4 the total material substance is the womb
that the Lord impregnates with individual souls. The living entities are then born. The Lord says that He
is the ” bija pradah pita” or the seed giving father. Animals are also spirit souls. Like us, they have a
mind. They have feelings and they also want happiness. If someone attacks us, we are frightened.
Similarly, when animals are slaughtered, they suffer pain. We can explain our predicament but the
animals cannot. Just like humans incur punishment if they kill another human being, in the same way
they are liable for the death of an animal.
Animals get a particular body before being promoted to a higher form. When they are killed
prematurely, this disrupts their progressive evolution through species. According to Manu Samhita 5.51
eight people become liable when an animal is killed – “He who permits (the slaughter of an animal), he
who cuts it up, he who kills it, he who buys or sells (meat), he who cooks it, he who serves it up, and he
who eats it, (must all be considered as) the slayers (of the animal).”
Not only are there individual karmic consequences for killing animals, there are also collective karmic
reactions. Neal D. Barnard who is the President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
says, “If you are a meat eater, you are contributing to the destruction of the environment, whether you
know it or not.” For instance, opening up of beef cattle ranches results in the destruction of tropical rain
forests. Soil erosion occurs due to overgrazing. The meat industry results in air and water pollution.
According to the Vedic teachings of India, life’s necessities can be sufficiently produced by earth. It is not
over-population that is an issue but negative karma incurred by destructive actions by the population.
Ahimsa (non-violence) is beneficial for the environment as a whole. Therefore, it should be practiced.
Animal killing not only pollutes our own consciousness but degrades the environment.
It is said – “What goes around comes around.” Let us do all we can to stop promote animal killing. In this
way we will not only stop detrimental karmic reactions but make our planet a beautiful place to live in.

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