Will Yoga Meditation make me lose interest in worldly activities?

May be! That all depends on how interested you are in whatever it is that you call worldly activities. Some activities might drop away. Rest assured, meditation does not mean you will sit around doing nothing. Nature does not like a vacuum; something else, something more meaningful and joyous will fill that space.

Meditation will help you prioritize your activities. Other activities may gain priority when you understand through meditation what you want to do with your life.

How do I develop will power to practice Yoga Meditation?

If you don’t have will power, then exercise your won’t power.

Doing requires active energy. But not doing requires restraint from activity. Live out the following dialogue in your life:

“I won’t be violent in my actions and speech to myself and others. I won’t tell a lie nor live a lie. I won’t take anything that belongs to another. I won’t dissipate my energies on trivial problems and meaningless activities. I won’t hoard and collect more than I need.”

When you exercise your won’t power, you will remove blockages in your energy stream.You are like the river that has been dammed. Your energy cannot flow; remove the obstacles and the water will flow.

In Yoga these five won’ts are called Yamas. They form the most important part of the holistic system of Yoga; these are the basis of a Yoga lifestyle.

The five Yamas are also called:

  • Ahimsa
  • Satya
  • Asteya
  • Brahmacharya
  • Aparigraha

I cannot give up all my pleasures. Can I still practise Yoga Meditation?

A child loves playing with toys, but a teenager would not be caught dead with a teddy bear or a doll! Such is the nature of growth and development. You play with your little and big pleasures such as good food, big cars, expensive clothes, etc. But a time comes when these will not satisfy you. This is spiritual growth and all of us go through this in life. It is the natural outcome of maturing through different life experiences.

You do not have to force yourself to give up anything. In fact this would go against your nature and cause more harm. Just as a fruit will fall when ripe, you just let them drop away in the course of time when you find that you no longer enjoy these.

Renunciation is not a path for everyone. Self awareness can be practised by everyone, everywhere. Rather than renouncing in a forced manner, observe yourself after the consumption of a fine meal in an expensive restaurant. Are you satisfied? Watch how long this feeling of satisfaction lasts, until the next desire or craving comes along. As you keep restaurant hopping, sooner or later the boredom sets in. Then you are ready and ripe for letting go another little toy!

Isn’t sitting around in Yoga Meditation bad for health?

Sitting in meditation is definitely less harmful than sitting long hours in front of television, computers or sitting in the car or airplane on long trips. It is definitely less injurious than sitting long hours in classrooms or offices.

It is important to note that the entire process of Yoga Meditation includes physical movement and breathing exercises, which tone muscles, balance the nervous system, exercise the circulatory system. This doesn’t even include the benefits of Yoga Meditation on the emotional level.

So to answer the question, it is not going to make you lazy and isn’t bad for health.

How can I integrate Yoga Meditation in to my busy life?

A clever way to integrate Yoga Meditation in your busy schedule is to do short practices before all meals. You have to eat, right? You can be flexible with meditation: do it at your work desk, at the dining table, or wherever it is that you are eating.

You can integrate meditation in your daily life, if you close your eyes while waiting at the dentist or the airport, while travelling by train or taking a flight.

You can also do a short meditation before going to bed, to help you get a restful sleep.

Don’t wait for a quiet phase in your job or a break in your career to start Yoga Meditation. You’ve been waiting long enough already!

How can I create a suitable environment and routine for Yoga Meditation?

Choose a home that is in a quiet part of the town. It would be nice to have nature around, so that the air is clean and invigorating.

If possible set aside a room for meditation. If that is not possible set aside a small area in your bedroom or any other room where there is not too much activity as your meditation area. This area does not have to become holy, but should definitely be kept clean and aired out daily.

Prepare your meditation seat with blankets, shawls, mats or pillows so that you are comfortable and relaxed. Not too warm or too cold.

Of course, no place is perfect and we cannot satisfy all the above conditions. So work hard to integrate meditation in to your life.

Sit for meditation at the same time so that body and mind are prepared. The mind loves routine. The mind experiences a daily routine as comforting and the structure brings balance in to our life. Avoid creating a routine based on time. Instead work around events, such as meals.

Choose a time when it is quiet, when you are not too tired or in a hurry. Early morning is a good time for meditation after you have a good rest. Make sure you wake up early so that you do not rush through your practice in order to make it to work on time.





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