(Translation: Victory to the Primordial Divine Mother)

By: Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa

It is common to find ourselves, due to globalization, in confusion, between the voices of
different lands, cultures, religions and their beliefs. For example, the sacred words and
terminologies of Sanatan Dharma, like “Shakti”, energy or the beating of life itself, and “ĀDI
Shakti Maa”, the primordial essence, source of all “living things”, beyond what the senses
they encompass. They tend to associate this energy only with the feminine aspect, perhaps
because of the evident motherhood that gives and nourishes life, but we forget “the Maya”,
that dual illusion that surrounds us and that only finds meaning in the Transcendent Unity. In
this duality, the masculine complements the feminine so that life flows, in that dance of
opposites: sun and moon, male and female, Shiva and Shakti.
Before delving into the mysteries of the Divine Mother, it is vital to recognize her, in
everything, beyond what is known, vibrating in the primordial nature.
In Sanatan Dharma, the worship of the divine mother, ĀDI Shakti Maa, flourishes in all its
forms. Kali Maa, Durge Maa, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswathi, representing the energies of
destruction, preservation, creation, in this game of dualities. Kali Maa, the transformation that
illuminates the darkness of ignorance, Durga Maa, the precise limit that truth imposes, Maha
Lakshmi, the generous, preserver and provider of life, Saraswathi, wise guide of knowledge
and creativity. Also as a fundamental branch of Shaktism, there is Shree Lalita tridevi tripura
sundari, in its fusion, embodies all these facets in a single archetypal expression. Beyond
these, which are the main ones, countless archetypal forms emerge from these primordial
energies. However, in their archetypal representation in this duality, they lack the masculine
aspect, embodied in Lord Shiva, Mahadev; Lord Vishnu, Narayan and Lord Brahma,
Prajapati. Thus, in this illusion of duality, the masculine Trimurti, TRIDEVA, and the
feminine, TRIDEVI, are formed, each reflecting the essence of ĀDI Shakti Maa.
In the devotional process and the internal work of the divine archetypal manifestations, the
aspirant of the spiritual path, the sadhaka, undoes the samskaras, traces of experiences that
persist life after life, contrary to its present. It is important to realize that: “If the last life had
been crucial, we would not be here.” Thus, in the Sanatan Dharma and in my TATri VIDYA,
shared with the devotees of the TATri Sampradāya at the feet of Mother ĀDI Shakti and my
Cosmic and eternal Gurudev, Shree Shree Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswathi and his
Holy Sampradāya, the sadhaka, observing experience, assumes its traces in this reality and
transcends them. Through daily spiritual practice – proper Sadhana – the influence of
unfavorable samskaras, which are the spiritual seals that delay progress towards eternity, is
undone. In TATri, nature is the most powerful representation of our origin and eternal home,
where the being, Atma, pulses again in consciousness through ĀDI Shakti, together with the
eternal: Brahman, TAT.
Thus, we continue life beyond form, in moksha, navigating duality without allowing
ourselves to be captivated. We are all children of ĀDI Shakti and its manifestations.
However, in this temporary illusion, we play between male and female, complementary Shiva

This goes beyond the mere reproductive and romantic aspect. The fusion of both drives
growth and transcendence, mainly, on an individual level. Our differences, even internal ones,
are determined to be transcended to become one, driven by ĀDI Shakti, which takes us back
to wholeness, beyond our belief in “Being what we are not.” This is living the Dharma, right
action in our present incarnation.

TATri Vidya – TATri Philosophy of

TATri Secret Ashram – INDIA

Mtr. Tatiana Aleluia Freitas Martins –

TATri Sampradāya – South America.

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