Everyone is talking about happiness. Happiness programs are even being implemented in schools and universities around the world, yet somehow, we are still afraid to dive within ourselves and find our way to happiness.

By definition, happiness is a state of well-being and contentment. But what if we don’t love ourselves? What if we are programmed to feel fear continually? What if we deal with insecurities all the time? Can we indeed be happy?

This is what Yanis Delatorre, author of the Happiness Program in France, had to say when we spoke with him.

How did this happiness program start? Where did you find the inspiration for it? 

I was born in France, and on TV you could see a lot of war, aggression and bad stuff, and for me, it was just horrible. I could not understand how this kind of thing was possible. I spent most of my life trying to understand why our world is like this. In my country, a so-called state of human rights, many women are still beaten, and we have a high suicide rate among young people even though we have good social security and all conditions to live a happy life. Over 5 million people are taking antidepressives.
Maybe I took as a prophecy what Maha Ghosananda had said: ”If you want to make peace in the world, you have to make peace inside of yourself.’ The school of happiness is teaching us exactly this – how to make peace within ourselves.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the program?

It is divided into four parts. During one year, we do different workshops. For example, in the first workshop, we deal only with the feeling of guilt and how to remove it. I have found out that while you have this feeling inside of you, whatever you do, whatever technique you use (law of attraction, praying, positive thinking…), it does not work.
During the workshop, I share knowledge, some tools and science which is hidden from the ordinary world.
After the workshop, people have two months to do personal practise under my guidance.
The main point of the school is incorporated in resolving four programs which are not allowing us to be happy. These programs are creating wars and chaos on this planet. So, if we remove these programs, we can live in a healthier world.
Thanks to quantum physics, we know that everything is connected.

Who can attend this school?

People of all ages can join. Even though I’m not an official psychologist, I work with children through their parents. I give elementary exercises and techniques that can easily be implemented and shared with their family members, especially children.
What I love to underline, and what I notice all the time, is the fact that when a mother is healed from fears and wounds created by insecurities, this automatically reflects on her child.
The first tool which I teach in my school is cardiac coherence. That is an effortless way to learn meditation by special inhale-exhale exercises. Around it, I have built some tools which help us create new programs and belief systems.

What is the main obstacle on the way to happiness?

There are two viruses. I call them viruses because they act like them. The first one is guilt, and the second one is the fact that no one has taught you to love yourself.
It is definitely impossible to be happy on this planet if you don’t love yourself. Your parents did not teach you that nor did your teacher. Nobody taught you that.

We are all programmed, and the fear is the base of it. This planet is a paradise, and there is food for everyone, it’s just that we are programmed to feel fear. We fear that we will not have enough food, and later we go to the supermarket, and we buy sugary comfort food, we take drugs and a lot of stuff that we actually don’t need, just because we are not feeling good. We are programmed to do so.

The way to make peace is to find peace inside of us and with each other. My biggest wish is to share this knowledge in all countries in the world.
We now know that we have been lied to about history, and we can assume that we were lied to about other things as well. I will give you one example. The fundamental science that I share in my school is called epigenetics.

With this, I teach a method to everyone on this planet to forgive everything and everybody. Why is this important? I will share one experience:  there was this girl who attempted to kill herself three times. She was 23 and officially diagnosed with being crazy. Her father, when he came to the hospital to see her, told her: “I hope next time you do it properly.” During the workshop, I taught her epigenetics. And it was effortless. She was convinced that she was crazy, everyone was telling her that.  But with epigenetics, there is an explanation for everything. It says that even her mother was pregnant with her, if her mother had an emotional shock, it could have created what we call methylation. It means that some of your genes are in sleep mode. And most of them are ruling a hormone of pleasure or cortisol, the stress hormone.  And these genes, that you came in this world with, create your reality. A lot of people that are attempting suicide, we now know, are doing this because their brain is not working correctly. And it’s because of physical irregularities, not because they are crazy.

For this girl, it changed everything. Just to know that she was not crazy, but that she had a biological disease allowed her to fight a physical condition that was dormant inside of her until it was triggered by external factors.
When she understood that, she healed within a month.

We have to teach this to all children. It is the same as being blind – you cannot blame a person for their disability, yet we continuously blame children when they can’t read, write, run fast… And that is terrible. Don’t blame me because I can’t do anything.  All our lives, we have been blamed for biological conditions. We have to change our approach totally, and this can be done with the help of epigenetics. I have worked with over than 500 persons, and the results are amazing.

Love yourself, remove blockages and you will find a peace within. It is the only way of creating a healthier and genuinely happier world.


Interview on Yanis Delatorre conducted by Lea Kosovac

For more information on Yanis, visit behappynoow.com

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