This text is dedicated to the celestial Machu Picchu, the jewel of the Incan Empire, a place like no other. At this powerful place, one gets to experience the bliss of a child in the womb of our Mother Divine.

Last April 2018 a group of people including myself travelled to Machu Picchu for an unforgettable pilgrimage with Mohanji. While the experience was really beyond incredible, I felt that deep inside something remained unfulfilled. Five days were simply not enough. Considering just how much there was to explore, absorb and feel, we were way too rushed through the entire experience. I honestly felt that we barely scratched the surface of what this most powerful Shakti centre on the planet, filled with unimaginable depth of history, has to offer.

It was my sincere wish to explore the secrets of Machu Picchu more deeply. And then, a day later, I had the most powerful experience. A couple of us climbed for an hour or so to the Sun Gate of the ancient Incas. This was nowhere as challenging as our Kailash yatra – the altitude sickness was not so severe here, and the weather was really perfect. However, a considerable amount of sweating and puffing was required to reach the Sun Gate. Absorbed in mantra chanting, I remember the moment when I finally reached this indescribably beautiful location. One look at took my breath away, followed by the prolonged utterance of “woooow”!

I felt embraced by the clouds, expanding in the womb-like shape of the vast heavenly space below. Answering a natural call to meditate, an hour or so elapsed while I was inhaling and exhaling the loving Motherly energy. At some point, a blissful sensation of a golden spiral rising from the top of the head started to absorb my entire being, making me feel that a part of me is moving upward while another part of me is expanding in the womb-like space below…(that’s the closest I can come to describing that experience using words). All I could offer was the most sincere salutations to the great Incas who blessed humanity with such a heritage.


What stayed with me during this trip was the love, ease, warmth and simplicity of the Quechuan people (descendants of the great Incas). Their Shaman taught us a lot about their ancient connection with Pachamama (Mother Nature and Time perceived as divine) and how She responds when we treat her with sincere love. The wind, the sound of water, the smell of grass, everything was heightened during the ceremony. Animals (dogs, birds) kept coming, and we indeed could feel a real intimacy with Mother Nature.  Mohanji participated silently in the whole process, holding off the rain clouds. The very moment our sacred ceremony was over, the rain started. Pachamama accepted our offerings of love. It was so beautiful to witness this divine leela.

Devi Mohanji enjoying the beautiful sights and culture of Machu Picchu

Our guide Martin from the excellent tour agency Tucano Peru made us laugh endlessly and allowed us to honestly feel the spirit of his people. We were in complete awe of all that we were experiencing and the laughter, for one reason or the other (but mainly no reason known to mind) was continuous.

We also got to see first-hand how the beautiful colors and superb cotton and wool creations are made by the sweet Quechuans.

We also got to see first-hand how the beautiful colourful cotton and wool creations are made by the Quechuans. One moment I will never forget was the demonstration of how they create all those intense colours from nature; how they crush and mix plants into a sticky liquid, immerse the wool into it and colour it instantly.  As if on some kind of a drug, very little was needed to start laughing there – an incredible lightness and joy that was felt within all the time.

I must say that, in my whole life of travel, I have never experienced a hotel like the amazing Willka T’ika resort. It is built in complete harmony with nature, with a superb sense for beauty, history and balance. Run by a local family, who served us superbly delicious home-made vegan food and guided us through their chakra garden (each part of the garden was designed keeping in mind a specific chakra, for example, the Swadishtana chakra garden had yellow flowers and a small fountain, etc.).  We had the best time ever!


In the Crown chakra room there was a huge stone coming out of the floor. While building the hotel, they built it around the stone, which definitely has some energy in it.


While walking through the city of Cusco, Mohanji pointed out to us that, when the mind is sufficiently calm one can clearly feel the beautiful underground waters all over the place. The effect of that, plus the overall energy of the place, was so soothing that even though there were many stray dogs around, none of them were barking. After he pointed that out, all of us realized how true this is –the flowing water effect was indeed palpable, with the soothing energy causing calmness and inner joy…



Article by Devi Mohan

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