Written by Tatyana Povarintseva

I never wanted to travel to India. Although many people had spoken about the power of that place, I didn’t believe that one’s connection to God or energy was tied to a specific location.
After all, if God is omnipresent, what was the point of traveling far and wide in search of this connection? But I was wrong. 

I visited India 7 years ago almost by chance. I had expressed my desire to be closer to my Guruji, Mohanji, and he invited me to come to India to spend some time with him there. Little did I know that this trip would change my perspective entirely.

We landed in Mumbai and immediately got a cab to Shirdi, where we were supposed to meet with Mohanji.  On the way, something strange happened. About an hour before we arrived, I started seeing a huge ball of light in the distance telepathically, shining brilliantly like the sun. I was taken aback by its energy and realized that it might be emanating from the Shirdi Saibaba Temple.

Without navigational aid, I could sense where we needed to turn and which direction to drive. My excitement grew as the driver headed toward the exact spot I had sensed. When we drew nearer, I was 100% certain that what I had seen was the energy of the temple. It was a moment that left me in complete awe, as I had never experienced anything like it before.

But that was only the beginning of my adventure in India. One strange thing that really struck me from the first night we arrived in Shirdi was a constant, almost ethereal sound that I could hear all around me. It was like thousands of people were singing mantras in a distance.  I was struck by the beauty of the chanting that echoed throughout the night. 

I thought it was coming from the temple. I found it so beautiful that people would chant during the night and even considered joining in. Another thought that came to mind: I couldn’t believe how locals were so tolerant and could sleep soundly with the chanting continuing throughout the night. But soon, I realized that the chant continued during the day, and surprisingly I couldn’t see anyone doing it, even inside the temple. 

The sound was so loud, like being near a roaring waterfall. At first, it was overwhelming, but eventually, I got used to it, and it became as a background melody to the other sounds around me. The most confusing part was that the volume of the chanting never changed, whether I was inside or outside. Even with the windows closed, I could still hear it. I was completely baffled by this mysterious and enchanting sound.

Finally I decided to ask my travel buddies about it, to my shock, none of them could hear it. I began to worry that I was going mad or that something was wrong with my ears after the recent flights.
Thankfully, I had the chance to speak to Mohanji, who put my mind at ease. He simply smiled and explained: “It’s ok. You can hear the vibration of the place, you can catch its frequency” . His words were a relief and a revelation to me.

It made me see India in a whole new light. I realized that it was not just any ordinary place. There was something truly special about this land that drew people from all over the world to come and experience it for themselves. I felt that I had been living in a world of lightbulbs before, and now I was discovering a power plant – a place of incredible energy.

And I was only just beginning to discover…

In the next part, I will take you on a journey to the samadhi places of powerful masters, where unexpected experiences touched my soul in ways I never thought possible. Stay tuned (for the next issue /part 2)

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