Zoran Milišić is a Bosnian-born Australian photographer. He started his career as a journalist photographer, but his real passion is documenting life as a street and portrait photographer of everyday people.

Zoran explores human life and spirituality through his unique style and regularly exhibits his works on various topics. His style of strong contrasts and large grain give his photographs a timeless feel and stark look, and it leaves the viewer with plenty to contemplate on. National Geographic has published a number of his photographs.

Art is not there to satisfy the person. Instead, it is a language of Creation that transforms the person.

The artist becomes one with the art and disappears in the process.

From introversion in which I find the depth of myself to extroversion and the opening towards manifested and apparent form, I take the photographs as a silent observer of life. The process of creating is followed through my personal and deep contemplation.

Black and white photography is my passion. Whether I work in digital or analog format on 35mm film, I insist on pronounced grain and deep contrasts. This combination gives the photographs a unique look and conveys the energy of the present moment.

The only difference between the apparent outer and the infinite inner is in the size and color of the grain. In some sense, the appearing manifested universe is in contrast to the infinite, unmanifested universe.

The depth of contrast gives the drama of the moment because only in the contrasts of life we recognize ourselves while we only grow in the shadows of life.

Color photos are in digital format but with analog vintage lenses that give today’s modern digital perfection an authentic and vintage look. This combination of techniques gives photographs a timeless dimension that leaves a meditative note about them. I use various cameras and lenses, but my favorite cameras are vintage film cameras. Why? Because they make me slow down and be one with the moment in my silence.

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