Toothbrushes and toothpaste haven’t always been around. Before there was dental floss people had to rely on natural entities in order to keep their pearly whites their whitest. Today many people use alternative methods of keeping their teeth clean. Natural remedies for tooth cleaning has been around for centuries and some of them are still being used today.

I have made a list a quick in home tooth care options. You will be surprised how many useful tools you can find around the house that will make your mouth and smile happy.

Baking Soda is a natural substance that is used for household cleaning. This substance is often times found in toothpaste for extensive teeth cleaning. If you want to make an excellent toothpaste than baking soda is definitely a must have. Baking soda helps to freshen your breath as well as kill germs.


Good ‘O Tooth Powder
2 Tbsp dried lemon or orange rind
1/4 cup baking soda
2 Tsp salt

Place rinds in food processor or blender, grind until peel becomes a fine powder. Add baking soda and salt then process a few seconds more until you have a fine powder. Store in an airtight jar or bottle for best results and lengthened use. Proceed to brush your teeth by dipping moistened toothbrush into mixture, brush as usual.

Simple Toothpaste
1 Tsp of the Old Fashioned Tooth Powder
1/4 Tsp Hydrogen peroxide

Mix into a paste and brush as usual
Food for thought (Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent tooth cleaner as well. This resource is used as a teeth whitener in many types of toothpaste.)

Peppermint Toothpaste
1 Tsp baking soda,
1/4 Tsp hydrogen peroxide
1 drop oil of peppermint

Mix ingredients together to make a paste, apply to toothbrush by dipping toothbrush into mixture, brush as usual.
Everyone likes to have fresh breath but not all people enjoy chewing gum or popping a tic tac in their mouth. You will be very surprised at how a quick piece of fruit or vegetable can freshen up.

Breath Fresheners

Fresh parsley can sweeten up your breath in a jiffy.

If you chew on fennel seeds and anise seeds your breath will smell much fresher.

Peppermint or spearmint leaves taste wonderful and they will freshen your breath quickly. You can also drink a delicious cup of peppermint tea. (This is great after dinners)

If you add one drop of myrrh oil to one cooled cup of tea and then gargle lie a mouthwash, your breath will be fresher instantly.

Strawberry Flavored Tooth Cleanser
1 Tsp of the above Old Fashioned Tooth Powder
1 Tbsp crushed ripe strawberries
Mix strawberries and powder into a paste and brush as usual.

Lemon Clove Tooth Cleanser
Tiny amount of finely powdered sage
1 ounce of finely powdered myrrh
1 pound powdered arrowroot
3 ounces powdered orris root
20 drops oil of lemon
10 drops oil of cloves
12 drops oil of bergamot

Rub oils into the powdered ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Dip your toothpaste in mixture and began brushing.

Rosemary-Mint Mouthwash
2 1/2 cups of mineral or distilled water
1 tsp fresh mint leaves
1tsp rosemary leaves
1 tsp anise seeds
Boil the water, add herbs and seeds, cook for up to 20 minutes. Cool, strain and use the water as a gargle/mouthwash. Add 1 tsp of tincture of myrrh as a natural preservative.

I hope that these simple recipes will be of a great significance for you. Please use at your own discretion. If any of the ingredients cause an allergic reaction please discontinue use or do not use at all.




Author:  Celin Childs
Guest writer,

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