What Is Candle Meditation

Candle meditation is a simple meditation technique in which you focus your sight and your attention on the flame of a candle for a certain length of time.

The flame of a candle has some mystery in it, and it attracts the attention. It flickers, changes it shape, produces a halo, and displays several colors. All this fascinates the mind, attracts the attention, and puts the mind in a relaxed mood.

In this situation, it is easier to focus the mind and the attention, disregard the chatter of the mind, and experience inner peace.

How to Do Candle Meditation

Now it is time to explain how to practice this meditation technique. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Light a candle, any kind of candle. The shape and size do not matter.

2) Dim the light in the room, so that the flame of the candle will stand out.

3) Put the candle on a table and sit on a chair in front of it. It would be more convenient if you put the candle on the same eye level as your eyes. If you prefer to sit on the floor cross-legged, put the candle on the floor in front of you.

4) Position the candle about at about 50 centimeters from you.

5) Take care to sit with your back straight.

6) Take a few slow deep breaths.

7) For a few moments, relax your body and ease any tension in it.

8) Now, focus your attention on the flame of the candle. This is all what you need to do, just look at the flame as it flickers and changes shape and color.

9) Try to hold your sight and attention solely on the flame of the candle, without thinking of anything else or looking at anything else in the room. Just immerse your complete attention in the flame of the candle.

10) If you catch yourself thinking unrelated thoughts, bring your mind back to the candle.

11) Blink, if you feel that you need to blink.

How long should you practice this technique? Start with 5 minutes a day, and gradually, as it becomes easier, lengthen the time to 10 minutes a day.

You will probably notice that no matter how much you try to focus on the flame, repeatedly, your eyes and your mind would drift away after a while. You will notice that various thoughts are trying to attract your attention, disturb your focus, and make you forget to gaze at the flame.

This is okay and natural. In time, as your focus improves it would be easier to ignore the distractions and disturbances.

What Are the Benefits of Candle Meditation?

You will gain several useful benefits from this practice.

1. This technique will help you calm down your mind.

2. It is an excellent exercise for training the mind to focus and concentrate on one single object or thought in accordance with your will. Improved concentration can help you in every area of your life.

3. Another benefit is physical and mental relaxation.

4. You will experience inner peace, and sometimes, even some sort of altered consciousness.

Everyone can benefit from this technique, not just people who meditate. Students, business people, athletes, workers in every area, and people of all ages will find it beneficial.

As already said, candle mediation is an excellent technique for focusing the mind and making it calm. However, do not overdo the exercise, especially as a beginner, and be careful not to strain your eyes.

As I said, 5 minutes are enough at the beginning. You do not have to be precise with the time. When you feel that the 5 minutes have passed, just stop meditating, and then blow out the flame of the candle.


Now, after reading the instructions and learning how to do candle meditation, it is time to start practicing it.




Author: Remez Sasson, www.successconsciousness.com

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