Approach a tree slowly. It’s aura surrounds it in a circle as far out as 50 feet. The size of a tree’s aura varies based on it’s size and age. Imagine visually the aura of a tree extending outward in rings – not that dissimilar from the rings you would see inside the trunk of a tree that has been cut. Allow yourself to step into the first circle of the tree’s aura. Stay in that first area of the tree’s energy until you feel you can move closer into the next area of its auric field.

As you do this notice any images, feelings or thoughts you may have. Also notice your body. The tree may be working on your energy or it may be trying to tell you where it needs assistance.

Tell Your Tree Story

Trees do want to connect with us but keep in mind that they have a unique energy. Trees communicate in more abstract ways instead of the “conversational” way we are used to as humans. For people that have seen the movies Avatar and Lord of the Rings the way trees are represented in these movies hold grains of truth. In Avatar, the trees are said to connect to each other underground and form a network of communication and connection both with the planet and each other. This is true for our real world. In Lord of the Rings, the tree like beings called the Ents have a very slow, deliberate and patient way of communicating. This accurately reflects that trees communicate in a much slower way than we are used to as humans.

Trees help us:

Heal deep and old emotional wounds
Open and clear our heart chakras
Connect to Mother Earth and also the celestial energies of the universe
Help us tap into ancient and ancestral memories
Connect to the “All That IS”, the I Am presence and with everyone and everything alive on the planet





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