Biljana Vozarević’s Personal Journey

The process of becoming a vegan for me went slowly, and I never forced myself into it. It simply came on its own. The dead food dropped off first; later, it happened with fish, eggs, dairy and honey in the same order.

Biljana marathon runner - by Boris Kocis 1

Photo by Boris Kocis taken at the half-marathon in Novi Sad, March 2012

What makes a person go vegetarian or vegan? It is elevation in vibratory level, the frequency of operation, the awareness level. I used to be a distance runner and was recreationally running races of 10km, 21,1km and 42,2km. Half-marathons and marathons required serious preparation, and I was watching, carefully selecting the meals so that they had enough calories, full of carbohydrates and moderate in proteins to be able to produce enough energy for such long distances. Second, training for marathons made me breathe rhythmically and focus on the present, strengthening the power of will and ability to chase away thoughts which appear as sabotaging during the running. It is also reflected in the other areas of life. So not only physical and mental training, but self-control in the selection of the food and eating with awareness was also a top priority in training for marathons. Although I had paid attention to food even earlier, during my two pregnancies, it was during these trainings that I ate with more and more awareness on a daily basis.

By my third marathon in Belgrade in April 2010, I simply reduced meat to beef once a week and chicken a few times a week. In the following days, I started feeling an urge for fresh food, fruit, and vegetables, while meat felt heavy and dull. Out of my life circumstances, pleasant and painful experiences, agonies and ecstasies I was going through, something obviously shifted within. There was a strong inclination for a healthy lifestyle, which gives more energy and well-being. Rejuvenating habits, thoughts, and actions have been appealing to me and I became proactive in spreading the joy of such a lifestyle. These are the days when I met Mohanji in Novi Sad, too. I had already been a vegetarian when he appeared in my life.

For a few months, I enjoyed being a vegetarian. I recorded a few videos with a friend, too. 

It was easy and natural for me, although my family members were not. I dared to be different and not comply with their advice because they gave it from their point of view, their experience, and, after all, their vibratory level. I had to listen to my body, and I promised myself to be truthful and respectful to myself. Everybody is unique and authentic. Since then, I have not been tempted by meat or other animal products. It simply became something like old dolls for little girls or toy lorries for little boys when they grow up – they can be there, but I am not interested.

Parallelly with that, I started developing an interest in yoga, a discipline which does not need to be that tough like running marathons. It suited my tired knees, too. Mohanji said I would conduct a yoga session during the retreat in Vrdnik 2012, and that is when my yoga story started in this life. Slowly, I began to wonder about the purpose of the races, apart from being a good vent and an excellent way to exercise willpower and be fit and strong. It can also be achieved through yoga, but yoga does not require physical effort. It is a lifestyle. Suddenly, the world of subtlety opened to me, not completely, but there was a certain shift within. I was more sensitive with an urge to help others. I was not satisfied with hours of running, I felt I needed a bigger purpose.

What made me longing for a higher purpose? Obviously, I wanted more from life than setting and achieving the same goals. I was ready for higher goals.

I realised that I feel more connected to nature – to myself and the life around me. Somehow, disrespecting other species started appearing to me more brutal, and I have started noticing the pain and suffering of other beings more. The violence to animals had been there even before, but the difference is that I have a sensitivity to feel it. My conscience would not be clean if I hurt another being or if I was involved in the chain of suffering and agony of another being by having its organs served on my plate.,f_auto,dpr_auto,w_900,c_limit/v1514772071/posts/image/colorful-fruits-vegetables-on-plate-900.jpg

Non-violence is very important for our evolution. Violence in thoughts, words or actions affects us more than the person to whom it is afflicted. Mohanji says that a clean conscience is for a human, like the ozone layer for the Earth – it has a protective role. Therefore, if we disrespect animals, the ugly air of disrespect is there, regardless of whom it is directed to. If you radiate the smell of insensitivity, the animals can sense it, but let’s be honest, you are in this smell all the time. The law of nature is the same for all species. Like a musk deer radiates fragrance while it is not aware of it, an insensitive human radiates a stinky smell while he is not aware of it. He is not aware of how much other beings are affected or how he is affected much more.

Furthermore, every child’s place is with its mother. We do not have the right to deprive mothers of their children. In the factory farms, calves are taken from their mothers the very first day, which is horrible. In the past, people respected cows and allowed them to feed their calves and only what remained was taken for themselves. This is violence. When humans are deprived of their children, they ask, “Why me?”

A universal law of cause and effect affects everyone – you reap as you sow. It was mentioned even in the New Testament of the Bible. Scriptures described it. If you do not experience its effect in this lifetime, in the next birth, you certainly will in another body, but when you suffer, don’t ask then, “Why me?”. There is a root behind it.

Insensitive acts may not intend to harm, but being INSENSITIVE or INDIFFERENT to harming and inflicting pain is equal to causing it and has effects. The vibrations of fear and panic, disappointment and loss of trust fill the body of an animal. The animal feels when it is going to be killed. Although their third eye is not open, they have stronger intuition than humans. They run away before the danger if they can, e.g. before earthquakes, volcano eruptions or tsunamis. Thus, having felt that their owner, whom they trusted and who brought them food, is going to kill them, they lose the feeling of being, togetherness, but are filled with suffering, helplessness and alienation.

This vibration goes into the meat, and people consume it. It is not only calories, proteins and carbohydrates. Not only is it dead without life energy (prana) and without aura, but it is full of bad vibration. We should not breed animals for our pleasure. It releases negative energy into the atmosphere. That is disconnecting people from nature and creating diseases. Nature has its balance. Human beings kill without being hungry, disturbing the balance. All beings want to be peaceful so don’t look at species differently.

Animals have the consciousness level of a 2-3-year-old child.

mothers and babies
mother and baby

A Pig’s Cry

I went through pain, had piglets
my dear little children
you fell prey and victim of
people hunger-ridden

I was happy and fulfilled
becoming a mom
now they took you, cut your throat
I’ll never be calm

What is piglet on the plate
my baby, my blessing
those people don’t know at all
that they create suffering!

(This is an extract from the poem inspired by Mohanji’s blog Beautiful Minds I wrote as a comment)

Now, what do you think about this half-pig, half-human creature? Would you cannibalistically eat it for Easter? We call cannibals barbarians. Aren’t we barbarians too? The soul is in it, whether a pig or human. It is just the physical body which is different.


Therefore, my body is a garden, not a graveyard.

Furthermore, we are ignorant that the Earth does not have the resources to support feeding 7.5 billion people with meat daily. Now, billions of farm animals are bred for food. The Earth has become a giant feeding ground. 83% of its farmland is used for livestock, e.g., pastures and fodder crops. It is 26% of the Earth’s total land area. If we include the water needed for these plants, meat and dairy production comprise 27% of global freshwater consumption. Unfortunately, meat production is like a black hole for resources. It takes time for animals to grow up until they grow their “tasty parts”, and what is worse, only a tiny part of the animal body is used. The rest goes to waste. Of all the calories needed to feed them, only 3% goes to meat. According to projections, we could nourish an additional 3.5 billion people if we just ate the stuff we feed to animals! (Poore Nemecek, Science 2018; source: Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell).

vegan - proteins

There is a myth that animal proteins are necessary – it is not true. There are vegan options, nuts, beans, etc. However, people are used to taste. It is a matter of taste. The awareness should make us free from slavery to taste or a habit – e.g. family habit for generations. We should evolve from “raw human” to “human human” as Mohanji says. From gross, passive, barbaric, animalistic tendencies to lighter, brighter, more loving, sensitive and compassionate actions. Other beings are not created for our selfish pleasure of the palate on the plate. There is a lot of good quality plant-based food available; the less processed it is, the better. When a plant is fresh it has aura and enzymes in it. There is life in it. Let’s be life. Let’s nurture life. Let’s evolve.

In the end, I recommend the film “Earthlings”. This is the biggest wake-up call for humanity.

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