One thing I know for sure is that practicing the habit of gratitude makes you much more aware of everything that happens in your life, including your body. You pay more attention to the little messages that your body gives off on a daily basis, and you use those messages to give it what it needs and eliminate what it doesn’t.

In short, you stop paying attention to what others say you should be doing for your physical and mental health, and you start taking action on the things that really benefit your body and make you feel good and grateful.

Also, the ability to think outside the box and see opportunities and possibilities becomes much greater when gratitude is in your life. Your perspective on life changes, and you see the connection between the things that come into your life and where you want your life to go. You are more capable of making decisions that benefit your future, and you avoid making decisions that impact your life negatively.

You need to constantly practice gratitude if you want to change any situation in your life. For me, gratitude is what changed my life from a mess to something I felt good about in just one short month.


Gratitude is not just a tool developed and promoted by Wallace, Oprah, or other well-known names. Science has shown that it has a powerful impact on both your mental and physical health. In fact, research has shown that gratitude can help you:


– Win over people and develop stronger relationships

– Reduce the amount of physical pain you feel and cause you to take better care of your health

– Release negative emotions like envy, resentment, and regret

– Become more compassionate and less judgmental and angry

– Have a better and longer sleep

– Develop an improved sense of self-confidence

– Reduce your overall stress

– Handle unexpected or unwanted situations better


All of these proven benefits could lead to a more positive outlook on life and help you become more successful in all areas of your life.


Worried that your positive thoughts will be outweighed by your negative thoughts? The truth is that you cannot feel gratitude and feel negative at the same time. It is impossible to feel two emotions at one time. When you are feeling grateful, you are naturally thinking positive thoughts and feeling a sense of optimism and happiness. All those negative feelings, such as anger or pessimism, fade away in a true state of gratitude. This is one huge reason it becomes imperative to develop the habit of gratitude.


Many people think that they will be happy when they have real things to be grateful for, such as a perfect house,relationship, or even a huge bank account balance. But the truth is that happiness does not bring gratitude into your life,it is the other way around. Gratitude is what cultivates true happiness in your life.

When you can see the good in any situation, circumstance, or relationship, and you remove the negativity and judgments that come from resentment and anger, then happiness is a natural by-product.

Gratitude also deepens your connection to a higher power. Whether you believe in God, the universe, or some other formof higher power, you can’t help but feel more connected to the abundance it offers when you feel gratitude. You notice the miracles that happen in your life, and you give thanks to the power that brings them. You notice the good things that you have been given in life, and you give thanks to the power that brings those too. That is why prayer is so powerful. It helps you feel connected to a source that you know is looking after you and has your back. The relationship between you and the higher power deepens every time you acknowledge how beneficial it is to your life.






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